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Cashew Tree, Yellow Fruit

Cashew Tree, Yellow Fruit

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  • Yellow Cashew Tree (Anacardium occidentale) - Fast Growing for Sale from Florida
    • Full & Partial Sun Exposure: Thrives in both full sun and partial sun conditions, making it adaptable to various garden settings.
    • Cold Hardiness: Able to withstand temperatures down to 30 degrees Fahrenheit, ensuring its resilience in cooler climates.
    • Nurtured in Subtropical Climate: Cultivated with care in our plant nursery located in Homestead, Florida, taking advantage of the region's ideal subtropical climate for optimal growth.
    • Quality Subtropical Weather Benefits: Enjoys the advantages of Homestead's subtropical climate, which contributes to the tree's robust health and rapid growth.
    • Healthy Container Delivery: Each tree is shipped directly to you in a durable plastic container with soil, promoting its health during transit.
    • Grown from Seedlings: Propagated through seedlings, ensuring genetic diversity and the best possible growth traits for your landscape.
    • Early Fruit Production: With diligent care, this Yellow Cashew Tree typically starts producing delicious cashew fruits within just 2-3 years, allowing you to enjoy homegrown cashews sooner.
    • Distinctive Foliage: The tree's vibrant, glossy leaves add ornamental value to your landscape, making it not only a functional addition but also an attractive one.
    • Multiple Uses: Aside from the delightful cashew nuts it yields, the tree's timber and oils have various practical and commercial applications.
    • Landscape Versatility: Ideal for gardens, orchards, or as a standalone feature, the Yellow Cashew Tree's growth habit and aesthetic appeal make it a versatile choice for landscaping projects.

Enhance your outdoor space with the fast-growing and adaptable Yellow Cashew Tree from Everglades Farms. Thriving in varying sunlight conditions and cultivated in Homestead, Florida's subtropical climate, this tree brings both practicality and beauty to your landscape. Shipped securely in a plastic container with soil, it's a low-hassle addition that can start producing cashews in just a few short years. Don't miss the chance to experience the benefits of this remarkable tree firsthand!

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Customer Reviews

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Jose Arias
Healthy tree

Very happy with my tree, beautiful and it arrived in good shape

Thanh Kien

Yellow Cashew Tree Fast Growing for Sale from from Florida

Maurice Reid
I think it’s an excellent perches

Very good 👍