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White Jade Pineapple Plant

White Jade Pineapple Plant

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Introducing the Exquisite White Jade Pineapple Plant from Everglades Farms: Bringing a Slice of Hawaii to Your Garden

Discover the allure of the White Jade Pineapple, a tropical treasure meticulously cultivated by Everglades Farms in the heart of sunny Florida. Bursting with succulent sweetness and unique characteristics, this remarkable pineapple plant is sure to transform your gardening experience. Here's why the White Jade Pineapple Plant deserves a special place in your garden:

  • Hawaii's Delight, Now at Your Doorstep: Native to the enchanting landscapes of Hawaii, the White Jade Pineapple Plant embodies the essence of the Pacific paradise, and you can now embrace its tropical charm right in your own backyard.

  • A Symphony of Flavor and Texture: Indulge your taste buds with the exquisite flavor of the White Jade Pineapple. Immerse yourself in the pleasure of its super-sweet, low-acidity white flesh—a delightful departure from the ordinary. The bonus? An entirely edible core that adds an extra layer of culinary delight.

  • Unparalleled Versatility in Sunlight: While most pineapple plants bask solely in full sun, the White Jade Pineapple Plant stands apart. Flourishing not only under the sun's warm embrace but also in semi-shaded nooks, it opens doors to innovative garden design and flexible placement options.

  • The Secret of Soil and Feeding: Exemplifying the bromeliad family's traits, proper soil drainage is paramount for the White Jade Pineapple Plant. A note of caution: moderation is key when watering—avoid overwatering to ensure optimal growth. As a foliar feeder, this plant revels in nutrient absorption through its leaves. Our expert tip: fertilize through the leaves, a technique that aligns perfectly with the plant's natural inclinations.

  • Carefully Nurtured, Ready to Thrive: Rest assured, your White Jade Pineapple Plant will embark on its journey to your garden ensconced in a protective plastic container filled with nourishing soil. Grown with precision and dedication in Everglades Farms' own nurturing plant nursery nestled in Homestead, Florida, this pineapple plant has been nurtured under the caress of our region's subtropical climate—resulting in a robust and vibrant addition to your garden.

Embrace the allure of the White Jade Pineapple Plant—an embodiment of Hawaii's sweetness, brought to life through Everglades Farms' meticulous care. Elevate your garden with a touch of the exotic, and relish in the joy of cultivating your own tropical treasure. Order yours today and experience the taste of paradise, right at home.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Parker Brown
Good looking plants!

The plants came a little smaller than I was expecting but they sent me two in the same pot! I ended up repotting both of them in their own pots and they are doing great now!

Ken Clark
Great so far

Arrived in great condition. So far so good.

White Jades

Nice pineapple plant! Multiple plants in one container allowing me to separate and repot them. I was able to plant five and repot another six which I gave to others. Thanks a bunch Everglades Farm.

Patricia A Garbez
White Jade Pineapple plant

The plant seems to love my office window with afternoon sun and lots of light from the window. We look forward to enjoying the fruit which probably take a while to mature and produce fruit with patience. Aloha. Patti