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Tropic Prince Peach Tree

Tropic Prince Peach Tree

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Tropic Prince Peach Tree (Prunus persica) - 3-4 Feet Tall

Discover the bounty of the Tropic Prince Peach Tree, a flourishing wonder that brings the taste of summer to your garden. With its captivating attributes and bountiful harvest, this low-chill peach variety is the epitome of tropical fruitfulness. Here's why the Tropic Prince Peach Tree is a must-have addition to your landscape:

  • Abundant Harvest in Tropical Climates: Thrive in the lush landscapes of Florida, the Florida Keys, and the Caribbean with the Tropic Prince Peach Tree. Its remarkable adaptability to warm climates ensures a rich harvest of delectable peaches.

  • Luscious, Melting Texture: Indulge your senses with the Tropic Prince's medium-sized, red-skinned peaches. These soft, melting treasures boast a radiant yellow center and semi-freestone characteristics, making every bite an explosion of flavor.

  • Optimal Fruit Development: With a round, firm structure and vibrant color, the Tropic Prince Peach captivates both the eye and the palate. Watch in awe as the fruit ripens 85-90 days after full bloom, heralding the arrival of May with its succulent offerings.

  • Effortless Growth and Care: Our Tropic Prince Peach Trees are nurtured in the embracing climate of our Homestead, Florida plant nursery. Basking in the benefits of subtropical weather, these trees are lovingly cultivated for an average age of 6 months in a 3-gallon container.

  • Fast-Track to Fruitfulness: Envision your garden adorned with ripe peaches sooner than you think. Thanks to expert grafting techniques and optimal care, our Tropic Prince Peach Trees can bear fruit in a mere 2-3 years, granting you an early taste of paradise.

  • Chill Unit Requirements: Embrace the science behind the beauty. Requiring less than 150 chilling units, this peach tree harmonizes with its environment to flourish and produce its succulent offerings.

  • Cold Hardy and Resilient: Nature throws its challenges, but the Tropic Prince Peach Tree is prepared. Cold-hardy down to 20-25 degrees Fahrenheit, this tree weathers the storm, ensuring its place as a steadfast feature in your garden.

  • Unveiling the Chill Hour: A chill hour, defined as time spent at or below 45°F and above 32°F, holds the key to unlocking the Tropic Prince's vibrant bloom and bountiful fruiting. Experience the magic that unfolds when nature's rhythm aligns with your desire for exquisite peaches.

  • 3-Gallon Plastic Container: Your Tropic Prince Peach Tree embarks on its journey to your garden in a sturdy 3-gallon plastic container, ensuring its safe arrival and seamless integration into your landscape.

Revel in the beauty, flavor, and resilience of the Tropic Prince Peach Tree. Elevate your garden with this exquisite variety that epitomizes the harmony between nature's wonders and human cultivation. Order now and relish the prospect of savoring your own homegrown peaches in the heart of tropical splendor.

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