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Taiwanese White Guava Tree

Taiwanese White Guava Tree

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  • Rapid Growth and Early Fruiting:

    • Experience the joy of a thriving garden with our fast-growing Taiwanese White Guava Tree. Witness your tree flourish and bear delectable white guavas within its first year.
  • Distinctive Appearance and Refreshing Flavor:

    • Discover the allure of nature's artistry with our Taiwanese White Guava Tree. Admire its lustrous, clear peel that glistens in the Florida sun, promising a burst of rejuvenating flavor in every bite.
  • Homestead's Subtropical Advantage:

    • Cultivated in the heart of Homestead, Florida, our plant nursery harnesses the benefits of the region's subtropical climate. This ensures robust growth and an abundance of succulent guavas.
  • Fruiting Prodigy at a Young Age:

    • Witness an early fruiting spectacle as our Taiwanese White Guava Tree proves its prodigious nature by bearing fruit as young as one year old. Prepare for a delightful harvest sooner than you think.
  • Year-Round Bounty for Your Garden:

    • Elevate your garden's allure with a perennial gem. Our Taiwanese White Guava Tree's year-round fruiting cycle guarantees a bountiful supply of guavas, transforming your garden into a fruitful oasis.
  • Clones of Excellence through Air Layering:

    • Experience consistency and excellence with our cloned Taiwanese White Guava Trees. Utilizing advanced air layering techniques, these trees are genetic replicas of mature, fruit-yielding guava trees.
  • Delight in Variety:

    • Relish the versatility of the Taiwanese White Guava Tree. From fresh snacks to culinary creations, its abundant yield offers endless possibilities for your kitchen and beyond.
  • Healthful Benefits and Culinary Versatility:

    • Savor not only the scrumptious taste but also the healthful benefits of our Taiwanese White Guava. Packed with nutrients, it's a guilt-free indulgence perfect for juices, jams, and more.
  • Your Garden's Crowning Jewel:

    • Elevate your outdoor space with the crowning jewel of gardens - the Taiwanese White Guava Tree. Turn heads and invite admiration as you cultivate this emblem of beauty, flavor, and abundance.
  • Expertly Nurtured, Ready for Your Garden:

    • Rest assured that each Taiwanese White Guava Tree from Everglades Farms is expertly nurtured for a seamless transition to your garden. Elevate your landscape with our flourishing, ready-to-thrive trees.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Yi Shan Lee
Very good quality

I like all of them, will buy others tree from them again soon.

Dien Phan

Nice tree very healthy, a lot of flowers, hopefully fruit take good 😊

Jeffrey Hatfield
Great tree

Very nice little tree, healthy, 4’ tall like they said, well packed, fast shipping. Thank you!

David Shankle

Taiwanese White Guava Tree for sale from Florida


Tree was a little on the thin side, but very healthy looking, leaves were intact, green and luscious. Been buying many fruit trees from here and very happy with their products.