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Tikal Sapodilla Nispero Tree Grafted

Tikal Sapodilla Nispero Tree Grafted

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Introducing Tikal Sapodilla Nispero Tree: Your Tropical Delight

Discover the Tikal Sapodilla Nispero Tree, a remarkable addition to your garden that brings both beauty and taste. This unique fruit tree from Everglades Farms offers a plethora of benefits that will surely capture your gardening heart:

  • Uniquely Shaped Fruits: The Tikal Sapodilla Nispero tree produces distinctive fruits that are void in shape, with a plump end resembling a spinning top. This exceptional appearance adds a touch of intrigue to your garden and fruit collection.

  • Premium Florida Variety: Our Tikal Sapodilla Nispero is a top-quality, smaller-sized variety cultivated in the lush lands of Florida. With our expert care and subtropical climate, you can expect thriving growth and abundant fruit production.

  • Versatile Fruit Size: Enjoy the variety in fruit size, with Tikal Sapodilla Nispero fruits ranging from smaller sizes to substantial 11-ounce delights. Each harvest brings a delightful surprise, making your gardening experience even more exciting.

  • Ripening Delight: Experience the joy of harvesting ripe fruits from December to March. The Tikal Sapodilla Nispero tree delivers a seasonal treat, giving you a unique opportunity to savor fresh, homegrown fruits during the cooler months.

  • Perfect Height: Your Tikal Sapodilla Nispero tree stands at an approximate height of 2-3 feet, making it a convenient size for your garden or container. Witness its growth as it flourishes under your care, adding a touch of natural elegance to your space.

  • Nurtured to Perfection: With an average age of 12-18 months, our Tikal Sapodilla Nispero trees are nurtured in our Homestead, Florida plant nursery. The subtropical weather ensures strong, healthy growth, giving you a head start in your gardening journey.

  • Grafted for Success: Our grafted trees are your passport to quicker fruit-bearing success. With proper care and conditions, you can look forward to your Tikal Sapodilla Nispero tree producing delectable fruits in just 2-3 years, adding a sense of accomplishment to your gardening efforts.

  • Container Growing: Embrace versatility with the option to grow your Tikal Sapodilla Nispero tree in a container. The growth rate will be influenced by the container's size, allowing you to adapt your gardening space to your preferences and needs.

Elevate your garden with the Tikal Sapodilla Nispero Tree from Everglades Farms. Experience the beauty of its unique fruits, the joy of seasonal harvesting, and the satisfaction of nurturing a flourishing tree in your own space. Add this exceptional tree to your collection today and embark on a journey of tropical delight!

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Customer Reviews

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Bad quality tree for the price

I received the tree with 2 branches and that too smaller than expected. The top part is completely dead and not sprouting any new leaves. Customer service does not have phone number and also not providing any discount or Return approval, just back and forth in emails. Very frustrating.

Cynthia Vu

Plant arrived in nice shape and healthy. Love it. Thank you