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Reed Avocado Tree Grafted

Reed Avocado Tree Grafted

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  • Discover the Reed Avocado, a Californian Gem: Developed by James S. Reed from a seedling discovered in California in 1948, the Reed Avocado is a true treasure, known for its large, luscious fruit and stunning green hue when fully ripened.

  • Delightfully Nutty Flavor for Every Palate: Indulge in the Reed Avocado's smooth and delicate fruit, boasting a slightly nutty flavor that captivates the taste buds. Particularly beloved by vegetarians, this avocado variety offers a unique and satisfying culinary experience.

  • Versatile and Irresistible Culinary Uses: Whether you enjoy it whole, slice it into salads, elevate your sandwich game, or whip up a batch of fresh guacamole, the Reed Avocado is a culinary superstar that complements various dishes, bringing out the best in every recipe.

  • Grafted Trees for Faster Fruiting: Our Reed Avocado trees are meticulously grafted, ensuring they bear fruit within a mere 2-3 years, so you can enjoy your delicious avocados sooner and with ease.

  • Premium Quality Guaranteed: Our grafted trees are derived from a high-quality, fruit-producing Avocado tree lineage, promising you bountiful yields of scrumptious green-skinned avocados.

  • Securely Shipped for Optimal Growth: Your Reed Avocado tree will arrive in a sturdy plastic container filled with nutrient-rich soil and triple layer protection, ensuring its safety during transit and ensuring it starts to flourish from day one.

  • Exclusive Seasonal Treat: Embrace the summer vibes as the Reed Avocado graces your garden with its mouthwatering fruits from July to September. It's a limited-time delight that you won't want to miss!

  • Green Avocado, Jumbo-Sized: The Reed Avocado boasts impressively large avocados, ranging from 24 to 40 ounces, making it the perfect choice for those seeking generous portions of this delectable fruit.

  • Nature's Finest Flower Type: The Reed Avocado tree displays beautiful flowers that contribute to the marvel of nature, adding elegance to your garden while also being a pollination source for abundant fruiting.

  • Florida's Pride and Joy: Grown with care in sunny Florida, our Reed Avocado trees are nurtured by the region's favorable climate, guaranteeing you a vibrant, healthy addition to your garden.

  • Order Now to Experience Avocado Bliss: Don't miss out on the chance to grow your own delicious avocados at home. Order your Reed Avocado tree today and relish in the bountiful harvest and gastronomic wonders it will bring to your table!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Shashi Chetan
warranty extends only for 48 hours after delivery!!!

Plant arrived with some leaves broken but soon it was apparent that the grafting site had failed and the plant was dying. Asked for a replacement- was told NO Replacement as warranty only 48 hours after receiving plant. BEWARE!!!!!I The warranty period is so short that unless the plant is completely damaged at delivery, you will never be able to get a replacement.

Frank Dvorak
Excellent specimen

I just received my Reed avocado , it came beautifully boxed absolutely no damage whatsoever to the plant or the leaves or anything. It came in a light, but sturdy pot.. I left it in the pot for a few weeks before I transplanted it in the ground. I want it to get it acclimated to the full sun so far so good absolutely no damage to the leaves no burning from the sun. It’s a great tree. Thank you for sending such a wonderful specimen, now I wait a year for two my prize …..

Edmund Israel
A Beauty to Behold

I am completely satisfied with my Reed Avocado purchase. It arrived 3 days after it was purchased and showed very little sign of stress from the shipping process. The tree was extremely well packaged. I left it in the original 3-gal container in modest shade for exactly 2 weeks. It was then transferred to a 7-gal container where it will remain for a few weeks. The photo was taken on day 19. I am extremely happy with my beautiful Reed avocado tree. I love Everglades Farm.

Reed Avocado Tree

I appreciated the notification that the Reed Avocado tree was back in stock. The tree came in excellent condition. My only question was the height. The actual above soil measures 1', not 2' to 3' as stated.

Emanuel Rolan
Reed avocado tree

Very disappointed I’ll try buy this tree 2 times and never arrive.