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Red Dwarf Jaboticaba Tree, Hybrid

Red Dwarf Jaboticaba Tree, Hybrid

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Introducing the Red Dwarf Jaboticaba Tree - A Sweet Hybrid Delight from Brazil, Now Available for Sale in Florida!

  • Exotic Import from Brazil: Our Red Dwarf Jaboticaba Tree is a rare gem imported all the way from Brazil, adding a touch of tropical allure to your garden.

  • Sweeter than Purple: Mirroring the luscious flavor of the traditional purple Jaboticaba, the Red Dwarf variety stands out for its exceptional sweetness, offering a delightful taste experience with less tartness.

  • Age and Size: Each Red Dwarf Jaboticaba Tree comes in a plastic container and boasts an average age of 1-2 years, ensuring a strong and healthy start to your orchard.

  • Homestead, Florida Nurture: Cultivated in our specialized plant nursery in Homestead, Florida, these trees benefit from our region's unique subtropical climate, resulting in robust growth and vibrant fruiting.

  • Bountiful Producers: While patience is required, the rewards are plentiful. Expect your Red Dwarf Jaboticaba Tree to begin fruiting in 5+ years, providing you with an abundant supply of fresh, delectable fruit.

  • Year-Round Bounty: A true garden superstar, the Red Dwarf Jaboticaba Tree bears fruit all year round, gracing your landscape with its beauty and ensuring you have a steady supply of delicious fruit.

  • Hybrid Marvel: The Red Dwarf Jaboticaba Tree is a hybrid variety that maintains a bushy, compact form, reaching a manageable height of 8-10 feet. Perfect for those who want a fruitful addition without sacrificing garden space.

  • Versatile Beauty: Whether you're an avid gardener, a fruit enthusiast, or simply seeking a unique and visually pleasing addition to your outdoor space, the Red Dwarf Jaboticaba Tree fits the bill perfectly.

  • Expertly Grown: Our skilled horticulturists have nurtured these trees with care, resulting in strong, well-established root systems that ensure a successful transition to your garden.

  • A Tropical Wonderland: Immerse yourself in a slice of tropical paradise by bringing the exotic beauty and delectable flavors of the Red Dwarf Jaboticaba Tree to your doorstep.

Experience the enchantment of the Red Dwarf Jaboticaba Tree from Everglades Farms – order yours today and embark on a journey of sweetness, beauty, and year-round abundance!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Richard Parker
Red Dwarf Jaboticaba tree

Excellent looking tree arrived packed well in box

Steven B
size and healthy

I ordered two different Jaboticabas that were essentially the same price. The dwarf ended up being almost twice as big as the "full sized" one. Go figure....

Patio location for Red Dwarf Jaboticaba

Recent revisions along the Gulf Coast moved us into Zone 9. However because of occasional sustained hard freezes, this Red Dwarf Jaboticaba has been put in place on the front patio and will be moved into the Florida Room winters. Between shipping and now (two weeks later) it has already started putting on new growth. The transition from Everglades Farm to its new home on the patio has been flawless.

Jonas mileon
Red Dwarf Jabosicaba Tree ,Hybrid

The tree healthy I will buy more trees from this company.

excellent quality

I received my three Jaboticaba trees in perfect condition.