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Pitomba [Eugenia luschnathiana] Tree

Pitomba [Eugenia luschnathiana] Tree

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Pitomba Tree (Eugenia luschnathiana) - A Taste of Brazil's Beauty and Flavor

  • Highly Ornamental Eugenia from Brazil: Delight in the allure of the Pitomba Tree, a captivating and highly ornamental plant originating from the lush landscapes of Brazil.

  • Original Brazilian Heritage: Transport your senses to the heart of Brazil with the Pitomba Tree, a botanical gem that encapsulates the beauty and vibrancy of its native land.

  • Apricot-Flavored Delicacy: Indulge in the delectable taste of Pitomba's fruit, which boasts an exquisite apricot flavor and a captivating apricot-like color, making it a tempting treat for your palate.

  • Versatile Growth Options: Whether you have limited space or a vast garden, the Pitomba Tree offers versatile growth possibilities. Cultivate it as a container plant, create an elegant hedge, or let it stand alone as a remarkable specimen that steals the spotlight.

  • Manageable Size: With an average height and width of 10 feet, the Pitomba Tree is a perfect fit for various landscapes, allowing you to enjoy its ornamental features without overwhelming your outdoor space.

  • Cold Hardy Companion: Embrace the beauty of the Pitomba Tree even in colder climates, as it demonstrates remarkable cold hardiness down to 28°F, ensuring its survival and splendor in diverse weather conditions.

  • Exquisite Landscape Addition: Elevate your garden aesthetics with the Pitomba Tree's striking presence. Its lustrous leaves, charming blossoms, and enticing fruit combine to create a visually appealing and enchanting landscape element.

  • Easy-Care Beauty: The Pitomba Tree's low-maintenance nature means you can savor its elegance without exhaustive upkeep. Bask in its beauty while spending less time on maintenance tasks.

  • Cultural and Culinary Delight: Immerse yourself in the cultural significance of this Brazilian treasure while savoring the culinary delight of its apricot-flavored fruits, making the Pitomba Tree a splendid addition to your garden and palate.

Elevate your outdoor haven with the captivating allure of the Pitomba Tree. Originating from the captivating landscapes of Brazil, this highly ornamental Eugenia is more than just a plant—it's a slice of Brazilian beauty and flavor that you can nurture and cherish in your own space. Whether you're an avid gardener or a culinary enthusiast, the Pitomba Tree offers a harmonious blend of aesthetics and taste that's sure to leave a lasting impression.

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Customer Reviews

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Richard Young
Alive but beaten up pterry bad

Arrived late, I guess FedEx lost it for a few days. Arrived with mostly broken, snapped stems the few that were there from the main stem cut off to make it into the box height. Almost contacted Everglades to complain (this was after many hundreds$ of other orders) but reading the warranty they said no complaints if the plant was alive, which it was barely. It remains hanging in there but will be a scraggly sample at best. I didn’t need the hassle. I hope it survives. I will think again about ordering next time from here.