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Navaho, Summer Bearing, Thornless Blackberry Plant

Navaho, Summer Bearing, Thornless Blackberry Plant

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Navaho Thornless Blackberry Plant - Summer Bearing Beauty from Everglades Farms

  • Summer Bearing Delight: Enjoy bountiful summer harvests with the Navaho Thornless Blackberry Plant, a remarkable summer-bearing floricane variety. Indulge in its luscious berries during the mid-season.

  • Perfectly Sized Berries: Delight in medium-sized, sweet blackberries that burst with flavor. These berries are the ideal size for snacking, baking, and preserving.

  • Chill Hour Requirement: Flourish in regions with 400 chill hours, making this blackberry plant well-suited for various climates and environments.

  • Abundant Yields: Experience the satisfaction of abundant harvests with the Navaho Thornless Blackberry Plant. Its good yields ensure you have plenty of these delectable berries to enjoy.

  • Container-Friendly: Boasting a good habit for containers, this blackberry plant thrives even in confined spaces, making it a versatile addition to your garden or patio.

  • Thornless Enjoyment: Blackberry enthusiasts, rejoice! Harvesting is a breeze with the Navaho variety, as its thornless canes allow you to pick to your heart's content without any pricks.

  • Exceptional Sweetness: Indulge in exceptionally sweet berries that make every bite a memorable experience. The Navaho Thornless Blackberry Plant promises a symphony of flavors in every mouthful.

  • Pollinator Magnet: Invite nature's helpers into your garden as this blackberry plant attracts pollinators, ensuring better fruiting and a thriving ecosystem.

  • Adaptable Soil Tolerance: Thrives even in clay soil, showcasing its resilience and adaptability. This plant is a true performer, showcasing its robust growth in a variety of soil types.

  • Yearly Returns: Embrace the convenience of a plant that returns year after year, showcasing its attractive upright, clumping habit that adds to the beauty of your landscape.

  • Sun-Loving Beauty: Flourishing under full sun, the Navaho Thornless Blackberry Plant soaks up sunlight to produce the best possible fruit. Ensure it receives adequate sunlight for optimal growth.

  • Zones of Growth: Suitable for USDA Zones 5-9, this blackberry plant is a versatile choice for a wide range of geographical locations, allowing more people to experience its delights.

  • Compact Dimensions: Reach a height of 4-5 feet and a width of 3-4 feet, making it a manageable size for your garden. Plant them 2 feet apart, with rows spaced 7 feet apart for efficient growth.

  • Convenient Shipping: Your Navaho Thornless Blackberry Plant will arrive in a 2-gallon container, ready to be planted and nurtured in your chosen space. Please note that it ships without the trellis.

Elevate your garden with the Navaho Thornless Blackberry Plant from Everglades Farms. Embrace its fruitful bounty, ease of care, and delightful attributes that promise seasons of enjoyment and natural beauty.

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