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Alachua Muscadine Grape, Carlos

Alachua Muscadine Grape, Carlos

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Alachua Muscadine Grape (Vitis 'Carlos')

  • Season: Late harvest for extended enjoyment.
  • Uniform Ripening: Each grape matures uniformly, ensuring consistent quality.
  • Bursting Flavor: Delight in the exquisite flavor of our Alachua Muscadine grapes.
  • Royal Purple: Indulge in the rich, deep purple hue of the fruit.
  • Versatile Uses: Enjoy these grapes fresh, or explore their potential in creating fine wines, wholesome juices, and delectable jams.
  • A Southern Native: Hailing from the southeastern United States, these grapes have thrived from Delaware to the Gulf of Mexico and even westward to Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas.
  • Nature's Abundance: Experience the pleasure of large bunches, each bearing generously sized and succulent grapes.
  • Enduring Excellence: The Alachua Muscadine boasts exceptional resistance and a dry stem scar, making it a prime selection for home gardens, particularly in southern climates.
  • Sizeable Delight: A slow-growing vine that eventually flourishes to match the dimensions of your trellis.
  • Cultivate with Confidence: Trust in the robustness of the Alachua Muscadine, cultivated in the fertile soils of Everglades Farms, Florida.
  • Elevate Your Garden: Embrace a touch of southern charm and natural elegance with these grapes that are both visually pleasing and palate appeasing.

Experience the Alachua Muscadine Grape's remarkable journey from its southeastern roots to your flourishing garden, where it promises a bountiful harvest and culinary joy.

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Customer Reviews

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David Wallace
Alachua Muscadine Grape, Carlos, Plant From Florida?

Love them, they are basking in the sun as I write this on a barrier Island north of Daytona. I weave them through my fence trillis...They go well with my Coconut Cream Mango, Hass Avacado, Papaya and Olive trees....