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Mexicola Grande Avocado Tree, Grafted

Mexicola Grande Avocado Tree, Grafted

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  • Mexicola Grande Avocado Tree - Taste the Creamy Delight!

    • Cold Hardy and Flavorful: Enjoy the goodness of a black-skinned avocado that ripens in late summer and fall. The fruit boasts a delightful nutty flavor that avocado enthusiasts love.

    • Abundant Harvest: Mexicola Grande is a prolific producer, ensuring you get an ample supply of tasty avocados.

    • Self-Pollinating: With Type A flowers, this avocado tree is self-pollinating, making it an excellent choice for home gardens.

    • Thrives in Subtropical Weather: Grown in our Homestead nursery, the tree benefits from Florida's favorable subtropical climate.

    • Ideal Size for Easy Maintenance: Standing at approximately 3 feet or taller, it's manageable for your garden or patio.

    • Sunlight Requirements: Flourishes in both full and partial sunlight, offering versatility for planting locations.

    • Cold Tolerance: Withstands brief periods of cold temperatures down to 25 degrees, providing resilience during cooler seasons.

    • Ready to Bear Fruit: The average age of the tree in a 3-gallon container is 12 months, meaning you can look forward to fruiting sooner.

    • Caring for Your Avocado Tree: Plant in well-draining soil, water regularly, and provide occasional fertilization for optimal growth.

    Grow your own creamy and nutritious avocados with Mexicola Grande Avocado Tree. Elevate your dishes with fresh avocados, straight from your garden. Shop now and savor the rich taste of homegrown avocados! Happy gardening!

Exposure Full / Partial Sun
Cold Hardiness 20-25 degrees
Moist, well-drained
Growth Rate
Mature Height: 25 ft / 8 ft in container
Mature Width: 15 ft / 5 ft in container
Fruiting Season August - October
Growing Zones: 4-11 patio/indoor - 8-11 - ground/outdoors
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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Very impressive

First time buy from you guys and I was very impressed with the packaging and quantity. I was surprised on the big trunk below the graft. I planted everything and they all look great.

Josh Smith
Bad grafting

I bought 2 of these trees, received them, and they died a few months later after planting them in the ground. Same thing happened to most of the avocado trees I ordered, only 2 survived, they were all treated the same way, planted in a good location/soil and watered regularly. Most of them started dying above the graft.

Ben Grasel
Mexicola Grande

Box was beaten up but plant itself arrived in good condition. Included were instructions on when to transplant and a fertilizer packet. Prompt shipping and great service. Very satisfied.

Joshua White
Mexicola Avocado Bliss!

I had been looking for Mexicola Grande for quite a while because I live in inland Florida (USDA zone 9b) and deal with colder weather in the winter, including the occasional light frost. This variety is super cold hardy into the 20's and I am so pleased to have found it at Everglades Farm! The tree was very packed and super robust. I simply followed the free instructions sent in the box and the tree is doing awesome and thriving. Their selection and quality are a super value.

Box extremely damaged, Tree extremely damaged.. support stick broke in half

..and hanging of 2 sections of very bent tree. Immefiately sent photos to show damage to box and tree..customer service rep said no full refund..only $25. Full refund only available if i sent back tree...tree and box would NEVER make it back to them. Did I mention..lots of yellowing and heat stress....very limp trees...trees still yellow and limp.
Escalating my full refund request to the next level!!!! Currently my expereience is a DO NOT BUY!! Will let you know once I get a full refund..