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Lattarula Fig Tree

Lattarula Fig Tree

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  • Lattarula Fig Tree (Italian Honey Fig): Discover the allure of the Lattarula Fig Tree, also fondly known as the Italian Honey Fig, renowned for its exquisite taste and adaptability. If you're in a short-season, cool summer region like the Northwest, this fig variety is your reliable companion.

  • Abundant Harvests Twice a Year: Imagine indulging in the goodness of fresh figs not once, but twice a year. The Lattarula Fig Tree boasts an impressive yield, offering you an abundance of delectable figs to enjoy during its fruitful seasons.

  • Vibrant Amber-Colored Flesh: Delight your senses with the Lattarula Fig's enticing amber-colored flesh, a tantalizing visual and flavorful treat that's bound to elevate your culinary experiences.

  • Sunny Yellow Skin: Its appealing yellow skin not only adds a pop of color to your garden or container, but it also serves as a natural protective shield for the succulent goodness that lies within.

  • Perfect for Containers: Short on space? No problem. The Lattarula Fig Tree's relatively compact habit makes it an ideal choice for container gardening. Enjoy the luxury of growing your own figs even in limited spaces.

  • Thrives in Short-Season Climates: If you've been longing to grow figs in regions with shorter growing seasons, the Lattarula Fig Tree is your answer. Embrace the joy of cultivating this resilient variety that thrives in cooler summers, bringing a touch of the Mediterranean to your own backyard.

  • Versatile and Exquisite: Whether enjoyed fresh, grilled, or incorporated into various culinary creations, the Lattarula Fig Tree's versatile nature ensures it's a star ingredient in both sweet and savory dishes.

  • A Taste of Italy at Home: Indulge in the essence of Italy as you savor the sweet, honey-like flavor of the Lattarula Fig. Elevate your gastronomic adventures with a touch of Italian elegance right from your garden.

  • Cultivation Made Easy: With its adaptability and reliable performance, the Lattarula Fig Tree welcomes both novice and seasoned gardeners to enjoy the art of cultivating figs. Its low-maintenance nature and rewarding yields make it a joy to nurture.

  • Order Your Lattarula Fig Tree Today: Ready to elevate your gardening journey? Embrace the charm of the Lattarula Fig Tree and relish in its delightful fruits. Order now to experience the beauty and flavor of this remarkable Italian Honey Fig variety.

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