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Lancetilla Dwarf Mango, Grafted Tree

Lancetilla Dwarf Mango, Grafted Tree

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Lancetilla Dwarf Mango (Grafted Tree, 3-4 feet tall) - Exquisite Tropical Delight for Your Garden!

Discover the allure of the Lancetilla Dwarf Mango, an exquisite tropical gem cultivated with care at Everglades Farms. Bursting with flavor and easy to manage, this exceptional mango variety is a must-have addition to your garden. Here's why you'll love the Lancetilla Mango:

  • Origin of Tropical Bliss: Hailing originally from the lush landscapes of Honduras, the Lancetilla Mango brings a touch of exotic splendor to your space. Its heritage lends it unique qualities that flourish in our subtropical haven at Everglades Farms.

  • Compact Beauty: Embrace the charm of a condo or dwarf mango tree that gracefully reaches a height of just 10 feet. This compact size makes it an ideal choice for gardens of all dimensions, allowing you to relish the magnificence of a mango tree without overwhelming your outdoor space.

  • Abundant Rewards: Indulge in the bounty of nature with the Lancetilla Mango's incredible yield. Delight in the harvest of five-pound blood-red fruits, each a masterpiece of sweetness and succulence. Sink your teeth into the delectable, fiberless flesh that's an absolute joy to savor.

  • Perfectly Timed Delight: Experience the joy of a well-timed harvest. As summer wanes and fall approaches, the Lancetilla Mango reaches its peak, with fruits ripening from mid-August to September. A tantalizing treat to anticipate as the seasons shift.

  • Nurtured with Expertise: Our Lancetilla Dwarf Mango trees are lovingly nurtured in the heart of Homestead, Florida. Bask in the benefits of our subtropical climate, ensuring that each tree receives the ideal conditions to thrive and flourish.

  • Grafted for Greatness: Elevate your gardening experience with a tree grafted from a high-quality, fruit-producing parent. Our dedication to quality shines through in every Lancetilla Mango tree, promising a future filled with abundant, delectable fruits.

  • Youthful Vigor: Each Lancetilla Dwarf Mango tree, nestled in a 3-gallon container, boasts an average age of 12-18 months. This youthful vitality ensures that you'll witness the growth and maturation of your tree, relishing its development year after year.

  • Ready to Flourish: Your Lancetilla Mango tree arrives in a 3-Gal plastic container, prepared to establish its roots in your garden sanctuary. Enriched soil containing premium slow-release granular 8-3-9 fertilizer sets the stage for a thriving and vibrant addition to your green haven.

Elevate your garden with the Lancetilla Dwarf Mango from Everglades Farms. Revel in the marvels of nature as you cultivate, nurture, and indulge in the unparalleled sweetness of these blood-red treasures. Order yours today and embark on a journey of tropical splendor that will bear fruit for years to come.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

The plant arrived in good shape,

Lancetilla dwarf Mango

Very healthy tree new buds already showing,can’t wait to get it planted in the ground very happy with purchase

Merlis Monchery

Lancetilla Dwarf Mango, Grafted Tree, 2-3 feet tall, For Sale from Florida

Ann Hendon
Such a beautiful plant

I am so excited to have such a beautiful new fruit tree. It arrived healthy and ready to grow!

Eddie Perez
Long trip

Tree was packed perfect, no damage on transit, because it traveled a long way to California it lost all leaves but one , keeping and eye on it, otherwise great service