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Juicy Peach Mango Tree, Grafted

Juicy Peach Mango Tree, Grafted

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  • Grafted from a high-quality fruit-producing tree, ensuring superior fruit yield and quality.
  • Thriving in the subtropical climate of Homestead, Florida, our mango trees benefit from the perfect balance of sunshine and rain.
  • With an average age of 12-18 months, you'll be enjoying delectable mangoes sooner than you think.
  • Cultivated in our state-of-the-art plant nursery, our Juicy Peach Mango Trees are nurtured with care, resulting in strong, healthy growth.
  • Each tree is meticulously grown in a 3-gallon container, allowing for easy transplanting and further growth potential.
  • Your tree will be shipped directly to your doorstep in a sturdy 3-Gal plastic container, ensuring its safety during transit.
  • Our specially formulated soil contains premium slow-release granular 8-3-9 fertilizer, providing essential nutrients for optimal growth.
  • At approximately 3 feet in height, including the container, your Juicy Peach Mango Tree is ready to grace your garden or patio.
  • Imagine plucking ripe, juicy mangoes right from your very own tree – a delicious and rewarding experience for years to come.

Experience the taste of the tropics with Everglades Farms' Juicy Peach Mango Tree. Order now and embark on a journey to grow your own mouthwatering mangoes, brought to you straight from the sunny orchards of Florida!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Tree looks marvelous!

I ordered the 7gallon tree. It’s a good size.
I planted it and we shall see. I found many trees and plants at Home Depot for 1/4 or less the price 😳

Shirley Atkins

I'm thrilled with my new Juicy Peach Mango plant and can't wait for it to become a tree with mangos on it. We moved into a house with a Peach Mango in the backyard when I was 13. Now, at 84, I'm back in South Florida and getting a Peach Mango again. I never thought I would find another one. Hopefully, it will bear fruit in the next two years. I'm not getting any younger.