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Hakip Lychee Tree, Air-Layered

Hakip Lychee Tree, Air-Layered

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  • Premium 'Ha-Kip' Lychee Tree: Discover the epitome of lychee perfection with our premium 'Ha-Kip' variety. This exceptional lychee tree is meticulously cultivated to embody all the coveted traits that growers and enthusiasts seek, including an impressive size, exquisite flavor, minimal seed presence, and a captivating darker red hue.

  • Guaranteed Fruitfulness with Air-Layered Trees: Elevate your lychee-growing experience with our air-layered trees. These trees offer an increased likelihood of bountiful fruit production since they are genetically identical clones of mature, fruit-bearing trees. Unlock the potential for a thriving lychee harvest right in your own space.

  • Optimal Height for Rapid Growth: Our 'Ha-Kip' Lychee Tree stands at an approximate height of 2-3 feet, ensuring a head start for vigorous growth and faster establishment in your environment.

  • Expertly Shipped for Perfect Arrival: Your tree will arrive in pristine condition, ready to flourish. It is securely packaged in a 2-Gallon plastic container with nourishing soil and triple-layer protection, guaranteeing a safe and healthy journey to your doorstep.

  • Ready-to-Bear in 12-18 Months: Experience the joy of homegrown lychees sooner than you think. Our 'Ha-Kip' Lychee Tree, nestled in a 2-gallon container, boasts an average age of 12-18 months. This means you'll be savoring your very own succulent lychees in a fraction of the time it takes with other trees.

  • Thriving in Subtropical Climate: Cultivated with care at our plant nursery in Homestead, Florida, this 'Ha-Kip' Lychee Tree is perfectly attuned to the benefits of our nurturing subtropical weather. Its natural adaptability ensures a robust and resilient addition to your garden.

  • Your Journey to Fresh Lychees Starts Here: Embark on a journey to transform your outdoor space into a tropical oasis with the remarkable 'Ha-Kip' Lychee Tree. Experience the pride and satisfaction of harvesting delectable lychees from your very own tree, while benefiting from the expertise of Everglades Farms and the charm of Florida's thriving subtropical landscape.

Revitalize your gardening endeavors with the allure of the 'Ha-Kip' Lychee Tree, and relish the taste of freshly-picked, sumptuous lychees right at home. Order now to secure your own piece of lychee paradise from Everglades Farms.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Debbie Beverly
Got lychee tree

Good cs. Arrived in good condition but haven't had time to plant. Hoping it will help our other Lychee Tree that's over 10 years old.. it was grown from seed and hasn't friuited yet. To early to review really. Should review after a yr.

Lulu Ong
Poor Service

I ordered two fruit trees— Jackfruit and Lychee tree at the same time. Lychee tree was shipped earlier than Jackfruit tree was shipped, but Jackfruit tree arrived 2-3 days earlier. Lychee tree’s roots and all leaves were dried and look dead when it arrived. It was packed so loose, with less soil, and roots weren’t covered up with soil on top. I sent emails explaining the situation, and asked for replacement, or preferably for refund, but the nursery did not respond until now. I called the nursery, and it was just automated machine answering for call, and they did not pick up my call. The service is so poor!

Stephanie Long
Hakip lychee tree

Condition arrived is excellent except a few leaves falling but very healthy and a bit short.

Lan Doan
Hapkip Lychee Tree Air Layered, 3 feet arrived in bad shape

Hapkip Lychee Tree Air Layered, 3 feet arrived in bad shape. Its leaves were brown upon arrival and the tree looks dead now. All of itls leaves are brown, dried & crispy. I followed all of your instructions & was told to be patient by customer services on the next day of its arrival to my house. Please help to save it. If not, please replace it with another healthier plan. Thanks.