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Rose Guava Tree Rose Grafted

Rose Guava Tree Rose Grafted

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  • Luscious Rose Guava Tree, Grafted for Excellence:
    • Experience the exceptional taste and beauty of our Rose Guava Tree, meticulously grafted for superior quality and performance.
  • Thrives in Subtropical Splendor:
    • Cultivated with care at our Homestead, Florida plant nursery, leveraging the advantages of our favorable subtropical climate for optimal growth and fruit production.
  • Elevate Your Garden with a Year-Round Delight:
    • Elevate your garden aesthetics and enjoy a bountiful supply of fresh guavas all year long. The Rose Guava Tree's year-round fruiting cycle ensures an abundant harvest whenever you desire.
  • Impressive Stature and Growth:
    • Flourishing to an approximate height of 3-4 feet, the Rose Guava Tree is perfectly sized for easy management and a delightful addition to various garden spaces.
  • Precocious Fruiter:
    • Be amazed as your Rose Guava Tree begins fruiting within just one year of planting. Revel in the joy of homegrown guavas sooner than you might expect.
  • Nurtured for Optimal Development:
    • Our trees, nurtured in 3-gallon containers, boast an average age of 12-18 months. This careful cultivation results in robust, healthy plants ready to thrive in your garden.
  • Abundance at Your Fingertips:
    • Embark on a journey of flavorful harvests. The Rose Guava Tree's prolific fruiting ensures you'll have an abundance of these delectable guavas to enjoy and share.
  • A Garden Essential:
    • Whether you're an experienced gardener or a novice enthusiast, the Rose Guava Tree is a must-have. Its adaptability and impressive yield make it an essential addition to any garden or orchard.
  • Delight Your Senses:
    • Indulge in the captivating aroma and exquisite taste of rose-scented guavas. Elevate your culinary creations, from fresh snacks to gourmet dishes, with the unique flavors of this exceptional fruit.
  • Order Now for Flavorful Possibilities:
    • Unlock a world of culinary possibilities by adding the Rose Guava Tree to your garden. Order now to savor the delightful taste of homegrown guavas and elevate your outdoor space.
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Yader Mena

Rose Guava Tree Rose Grafted, for Sale from Florida

Jason Hoskins
Guava free

Very happy with the product

Sr mogali
Very good. Buy

Plant came in very good shape with fruit and flowering buds .thank you . I will enjoy them