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Kilo Guava Tree White Variety

Kilo Guava Tree White Variety

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  • Premium Kilo Guava Tree White Variety: Psidium guajava Discover the exceptional Kilo Guava Tree White Variety, meticulously cultivated and nurtured in the heart of Florida at Everglades Farms. Elevate your garden with this exquisite fruit-bearing marvel that thrives in our subtropical haven.

  • Rapid Growth, Bountiful Rewards: Experience the thrill of fast growth as our Kilo Guava Tree flourishes, offering a bountiful harvest of delectable white guavas in as little as one year. Revel in the joy of homegrown goodness sooner than you'd expect.

  • Year-Round Abundance, Anywhere: Unleash the potential of container gardening with our versatile Kilo Guava Tree. Ideal for both novice and seasoned gardeners, this variety can be effortlessly nurtured in a container, allowing you to enjoy a perpetual supply of mouthwatering guavas right on your doorstep.

  • Homestead's Finest, Subtropical Advantage: Grown with care and expertise in our Homestead-based plant nursery, each Kilo Guava Tree benefits from Florida's unique subtropical climate. Immerse your garden in the vibrant essence of our region and savor the remarkable flavors that only Everglades Farms can deliver.

  • Fruiting Marvels in Record Time: Witness a true horticultural wonder as our Kilo Guava Trees transform into heavy producers within their first year. The promise of luscious, high-quality guavas awaits, ensuring a steady stream of delightful fruit to relish and share.

  • Year-Round Delights, Unmatched Abundance: Elevate your garden to new heights of productivity with the Kilo Guava Tree White Variety. Embrace the joy of continuous fruiting throughout the year, and be amazed by the sheer abundance that this remarkable tree brings to your outdoor space.

  • Rooted in Excellence, Cloned for Perfection: Our Kilo Guava Trees are propagated through meticulous air layering, resulting in perfect clones of mature, fruit-bearing trees. Experience the epitome of guava excellence, with each tree poised to thrive and provide you with the finest, most succulent fruit.

Bring the allure of Everglades Farms' Kilo Guava Tree White Variety into your garden today, and indulge in the unrivaled taste of Florida's finest guavas. Elevate your gardening journey with a tree that embodies the spirit of our region, ready to grace your space with beauty, flavor, and abundance.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Susan Lin
Kilo guava

Arrived in perfect condition. I am thrilled to see the condition it is in. I then ordered a Mexicola Avocado tree and another guava tree

john doan

Kilo Guava Tree White Variety for sale from Florida

2 guava tree, 1 tamarind, 2 star fruit, 1 june plum tree in 2022.

I had bought 6 trees from this farm and all trees are growing very strong with their
flowers. The shipping was very good, all trees came to me with good condition.
Thank you very much

Abraham Ramos
Healthy Tree

Like all the other trees I have got from Everglades Farm, this tree was healthy and in excellent shape, it already has flowers! Love it!

Sridhara Garikapati