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Barbie Pink Guava Tree

Barbie Pink Guava Tree

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  • Barbie Pink Guava Tree - Thriving in Florida's Subtropical Climate

    • Age: 12-18 Months (2 Gallon Container)
    • Location: Cultivated in our Homestead, Florida Plant Nursery
  • Experience the Bounty of Nature:

    • Grown amidst the lush embrace of Florida's subtropical climate, the Barbie Pink Guava Tree from Everglades Farms flourishes with vitality.
  • Early Fruition, Abundant Harvest:

    • Our Barbie Pink Guava Trees are prolific producers, offering an early fruiting cycle as early as one year from planting.
  • A Year-Round Gift:

    • Enrich your garden with a constant supply of delectable guavas. This evergreen tree is a consistent bearer, yielding a generous harvest throughout the year.
  • Elevate Your Garden Aesthetic:

    • Add a touch of vibrant elegance to your garden landscape with the Barbie Pink Guava Tree's lush green foliage and charming pink-fleshed guavas.
  • Locally Nurtured, Expertly Cultivated:

    • Our trees are meticulously nurtured in our Homestead, Florida plant nursery, benefiting from the optimal growing conditions that only our region can provide.
  • Unleash Your Culinary Creativity:

    • From fresh snacks to tantalizing recipes, the Barbie Pink Guava's distinct flavor profile unlocks a world of culinary possibilities.
  • Perfectly Sized for Your Space:

    • Standing at approximately 3 feet tall, these compact trees fit effortlessly into various garden sizes, from spacious yards to cozy balconies.
  • An Investment in Beauty and Flavor:

    • Experience the fusion of ornamental beauty and sumptuous taste. The Barbie Pink Guava Tree promises both aesthetic appeal and delightful guava treasures.
  • Guaranteed Quality from Everglades Farms:

    • When you choose the Barbie Pink Guava Tree from Everglades Farms, you're selecting a slice of Florida's natural splendor, delivered with the care and expertise of our dedicated team.
  • Order Now and Savor the Flavor:

    • Elevate your garden with the Barbie Pink Guava Tree's year-round abundance. Order now to enjoy the taste of Florida's finest guavas, nurtured to perfection by Everglades Farms.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Marquis Johnson
Barbie Pink Guava - Healthy and Strong!!

The guava tree arrived carefully wrapped and protected.
The tree itself arrived as described as far as plant and pot size. The tree is strong, healthy and arrived with two flower buds which flowered a week after receiving.

I regret wasting my time ordering fruit trees from anyone other than Everglades Farm. They always meet or exceed my expectations!


Second time buyer. As always I received very healthy plants, as described and shipped on time. Very happy customer. I will definitely buy again.


Love it

Tenisha Nguyen
Healthy Barbie pink Guava

It arrived nicely and healthy.. this barbie pink is quiet smaller than the Rose guava that i bought couple months back. I expected it has more branches and 3ft -4ft tall like Rose guava but it wasnt. Still a healthy plant with 1 branch about 2ft tall.