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Goji Berry Plant

Goji Berry Plant

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Everglades Farms' Goji Berry Plant - Lycium barbarum: Fresh, Nutritious, and Cold Tolerant

  • Super Fruit with Multiple Health Benefits: Also known as Goji, Wolfberry, and Red Diamonds, our Goji Berry Plant produces delicious, nutrient-packed berries, hailed for their various health benefits.

  • Cultivated in Ningxia, China: Our Goji Berry Plants originate from Ningxia, China, where they have been cultivated for generations, both as a delicious food source and for their traditional medicinal properties.

  • Bright Silver Foliage, Beautiful Lavender Flowers, and Juicy Orange-Red Fruit: Experience the visual delight of our Goji Berry Plant's bright silver foliage, lavender-colored flowers, and the vibrant orange-red fruit that it yields.

  • Cold Tolerant and Adaptable: Our Goji Berry Plants are exceptionally cold-tolerant, capable of withstanding temperatures as low as -15°F, making them suitable for various climates and regions.

  • High Nutrient Value for a Healthy Lifestyle: Enjoy the nutritional richness of our Goji Berry Plant, as both its leaves and roots are packed with essential nutrients, offering you a healthy addition to your diet.

  • Self-Fertile for Easy Cultivation: With self-fertile properties, our Goji Berry Plants ensure hassle-free cultivation, maximizing fruit yield with minimal effort.

  • Optimal Growth in Full Sunlight: Plant our Goji Berry in a spot that receives full sunlight, providing it with the ideal conditions to thrive and produce a bountiful harvest.

  • Suitable for Zones 3-10: No matter where you are located within zones 3-10, our Goji Berry Plants will flourish and provide you with an abundance of delectable berries.

  • Average Height of 3-6 Feet When Developed: Watch your Goji Berry Plant grow to an average height of 3-6 feet, creating an attractive addition to your garden or landscape.

  • Drought Tolerant with Enhanced Yields through Irrigation: While mature Goji plants exhibit good drought tolerance, incorporating proper irrigation can significantly increase berry yields, ensuring a plentiful harvest.

  • Fresh Goji Berries: Order Now for a Nutrient-Rich Superfood: Don't miss out on the opportunity to grow your own fresh, nutrient-rich Goji Berries. Order now to enjoy a superfood right from your garden!

  • Enhance Your Health with Goji Berries: Discover the numerous health benefits of Goji Berries and integrate them into your daily diet for a healthier, more energetic lifestyle.

  • Goji Berry Plants: A Tasty and Profitable Investment: Invest in our Goji Berry Plants and savor the mouthwatering taste of homegrown berries while enjoying the potential financial benefits of this sought-after crop.

  • Unlock Nature's Goodness with Everglades Farms' Goji Berry Plant: Unlock the nutritional potential of our Goji Berry Plant, cultivated with care and expertise at Everglades Farms, bringing you the best of nature's goodness right at your doorstep.

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