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Gee Kee Lychee Tree Air Layered

Gee Kee Lychee Tree Air Layered

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  • Gee Kee Lychee Tree Air Layered (Litchi chinensis) Elevate your garden with the exquisite Gee Kee Lychee Tree, a tropical gem cultivated with care at Everglades Farms in Homestead, Florida. Delight in its remarkable features and bountiful offerings:

  • Compact Stature, Abundant Rewards Experience the allure of the Gee Kee Lychee Tree, standing at an ideal 2-3 feet in height. Its manageable size allows it to flourish beautifully in containers or seamlessly grace your garden landscape.

  • Fruitful Delights in Every Bite Despite its smaller size, the Gee Kee Lychee Tree produces luscious fruit that bursts with rich and captivating flavor. Each bite is a sensory journey, a symphony of taste that you'll savor with every harvest.

  • Protected Arrival, Ready to Thrive Your Gee Kee Lychee Tree arrives in a secure 2-Gallon plastic container, ensconced in nutrient-rich soil. Our innovative triple layer protection ensures the tree's safe journey to your doorstep, ready to embark on a journey of growth and vitality.

  • Nurtured by Subtropical Sunshine Our Homestead, Florida plant nursery is a haven for cultivating the finest subtropical specimens. The Gee Kee Lychee Tree benefits from the embrace of our year-round temperate climate, fostering robust growth and bountiful fruiting.

  • Versatile Beauty for Your Space Whether you dream of a lush garden retreat or seek the allure of potted plants adorning your patio, the Gee Kee Lychee Tree is your ideal companion. Its adaptable nature thrives equally well in both containers and garden beds.

  • Harvest Joy, Anywhere You Plant Revel in the joy of homegrown lychees as you choose between container planting or ground installation. The Gee Kee variety's smaller tree size ensures it flourishes no matter where you plant it, gracing your space with its elegance and bountiful harvests.

  • Cultivate Everlasting Memories Invite the Gee Kee Lychee Tree into your garden and create cherished memories as you nurture and watch it thrive. Embrace the enchanting journey of growth, from its arrival at your doorstep to the first taste of its delectable, petite fruits.

Discover the captivating world of Gee Kee Lychee Trees at Everglades Farms. Elevate your garden with the allure of tropical splendor, and embark on a journey of growth, flavor, and beauty.

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