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Florida Prince Peach Tree

Florida Prince Peach Tree

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Bears a round fruit with good color. Fruit ripens 78-80 days after full bloom. Requires 150 chilling units (hours). Harvest in May.

This low-chill peach variety fruits very well in Florida, the Florida Keys and the  Caribbean.

  • This peach requires the least chill hours and can be grown further South that any other peach cultivar.  The Florida Prince peach ripens in late April or early May and is in high demand for its early appearance on the market that brings the highest prices at grocery stores
  • Through a breeding program that began in 1953, the University of Florida successfully developed numerous low chill peach varieties suitable for Florida’s mild climate
  • The trees are deciduous and lose their leaves each winter, but they are highly ornamental, otherwise making them an excellent choice for the home garden
  • Bears a round fruit with good color. Fruit ripens 78-80 days after full bloom. Requires 150 hours of chilling time. Harvest in May
  • A chill hour is a unit of time at or below 45F and above 32F
  • Grown in our plant nursery in Homestead, Florida with the benefits of our subtropical weather
  • Average age of tree in 3 gal container: 6 months
  • Grafted trees can bear fruit in 2-3 years, under proper conditions and care.
  • This tree ships in a 3-Gallon plastic container
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Customer Reviews

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Chris Standley

Florida Prince Peach Tree


The plant arrived perfect, healthy, and the product overall had fast shipping. I appreciate the effort put into making sure the plant stays alive and love the purchase I made. I can’t wait to start growing some peaches. Big thank you!

Matthew Wong
Very happy customer

I bought 2 Florida Prince peach trees from Everglades farm recently, and I am very happy with the results. The delivery was fast, and the trees were well-packaged for the journey. The trees were obviously grown and pruned by skilled experts. I highly recommend trusting these people with your plant and tree needs.

Rebecca Henry
I love my plants and they were delivery quickly and safely!

Can’t wait to see how they thrive!


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