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Brown Turkey Fig Tree, Dwarf

Brown Turkey Fig Tree, Dwarf

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  • Exquisite Fruit: The Brown Turkey Fig Tree boasts alluring bronze-skinned fruits with a delightful reddish-amber pulp. Each bite offers a harmonious balance of sweetness that isn't overly rich, making it an irresistible treat for your taste buds.

  • Abundant Harvests: Experience the joy of two bountiful fig harvests. The first crop (breba) elegantly matures from late May through June, while the main crop takes center stage from September to November. This extended harvest period ensures a steady supply of these delectable figs.

  • Resilient Cold Hardiness: With commendable cold hardiness, the Brown Turkey Fig Tree is well-suited to various climates. It can brave cooler temperatures, ensuring that you can enjoy its delectable fruits even in regions with chilly winters.

  • Nature's Sweetness: Indulge in the natural sweetness of the Brown Turkey Fig's succulent fruits. Savor the nuanced flavors that are a testament to the optimal growing conditions and careful cultivation methods employed at Everglades Farms.

  • Semi-Dwarf Convenience: The Brown Turkey Fig Tree strikes the perfect balance between size and productivity. As a semi-dwarf variety, it offers manageable proportions while yielding an impressive harvest, making it an excellent choice for both urban gardens and larger landscapes.

  • Harvest Delight: Mark your calendar for the anticipated harvest timeline. The first crop matures from March to May, adding an early spring surprise to your garden. The second crop takes its turn from August to November, ensuring an abundance of figs for late summer through fall enjoyment.

  • Precious Beginnings: When you acquire a Brown Turkey Fig Tree in a 3-gallon container, you're bringing home a young tree with an average age of 2 to 12 months. Witness the growth and development of this fig tree as it transforms your outdoor space.

  • Subtropical Advantage: Grown with care in our Homestead, Florida plant nursery, the Brown Turkey Fig Tree benefits from the unique advantages of our subtropical weather. This nurturing environment contributes to the tree's robust health and fruit production.

  • Southern Favorite: Embrace the popularity of the Brown Turkey Fig, a beloved choice among gardening enthusiasts in the southeastern United States. Join a tradition of cultivating this exceptional fig variety, and experience the satisfaction of growing a true regional favorite.

Elevate your garden with the Brown Turkey Fig Tree, a semi-dwarf wonder cherished for its captivating fruits and reliable harvests. Bring home a piece of subtropical splendor from Everglades Farms, and enjoy the natural sweetness of this beloved southeastern gem.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Mark Williams
Ya get what you get

Of the two fig trees ordered, this one is almost DOA. The two main leaves it had died within 5 days of arriving. It has sprouted a new leaf from its base, but this has just not grown in 4 weeks. I am hoping it will sprout more.

Ha Vu
Brown fig plant

Beautiful plant
Always happy with your service . This is website everybody can trust , Delivered fast with healthy tree👍😃

Dwarf Brown Turkey Fig Tree - Already getting new growth

My Dwarf Brown Turkey Fig tree is already getting new leaves. It arrived on time, handled shipping well, and is perfect.

Joseph Belmont

I am happy to have them.Thanks !

Aiki John
Aren't all your trees "for sale from Florida"? Is it a selling point? Put a comma after Fig tree,

Arrived with three figs already on this 3 ft. tree. Tree is in great shape. It is not topped, just to fit into a box. We are letting it sit for a while in it's origional container, in a window to acclimate.