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Namwa Dwarf Banana Tree

Namwa Dwarf Banana Tree

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    1. Product Name: Namwa Dwarf Banana Tree (Musa Dwarf Namwa) - Also known as Pisang Awak and Lady Finger Bananas.
    2. Deliciously Sweet Fruit: Experience the joy of indulging in large-sized bunches of sweet, mouthwatering bananas that our Namwa Dwarf Banana Tree produces.
    3. Florida-Grown Perfection: Grown with care in our plant nursery located in sunny Homestead, Florida, benefiting from the ideal subtropical weather for healthy growth.
    4. Versatile Planting Options: Whether you have limited space and prefer container gardening or want to plant it directly in the ground, the Namwa Dwarf Banana Tree is suitable for both options.
    5. Low Maintenance: Thriving in our subtropical climate, the Namwa Dwarf Banana Tree is remarkably easy to care for, making it perfect for beginners and experienced gardeners alike.
    6. Fast Shipping in Sturdy Packaging: Each Namwa Dwarf Banana Tree is carefully shipped in a durable plastic container with soil, ensuring its safe arrival at your doorstep.
    7. Add a Tropical Vibe: Elevate your garden or indoor space with the exotic beauty of the Namwa Dwarf Banana Tree, adding a touch of the tropics to your surroundings.
    8. Perfect for Landscaping: Create a stunning landscape with the elegant 8-10 feet tall Namwa Dwarf Banana Tree as a centerpiece, impressing visitors and adding value to your property.
    9. Confusion with Ice Cream Bananas: Often mistaken for its close cousin, Ice Cream Bananas, the Namwa Dwarf Banana Tree stands out with its unique flavor and distinct characteristics.
    10. Year-Round Foliage: Enjoy the lush, green foliage of the Namwa Dwarf Banana Tree throughout the year, bringing life and vibrancy to your surroundings.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Samuel C
Beautiful Namwah

Thank you!

Steve Latour

Dwarf Namwah arrived in great condition, super fast shipping. Tree is in the ground now and pushing leaves, I couldn't be happier. Can't wait to see the first rack!

Jo Smith
Namwa Dwarf and Ice Cream Banana Trees

I ordered and received two young banana trees last month and planted them about three weeks ago. Both are doing well and show signs of new growth already! I am very happy with the quality of delivery and trees.

Gregory McDannel
Dwarf Nam Wah

Most beautiful pup I could have asked for. Acclimating it to the sun now so I don't burn the leaves. Can't wait to see it grow more..

G. B.

It arrived with some stress and yellow leaves, but after putting it in a 5 gallon
container it is happy and recovering!