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Coronata Restinga, Dark Red Jaboticaba Tree

Coronata Restinga, Dark Red Jaboticaba Tree

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Introducing the Rare Coronata Restinga Dark Red Jaboticaba Tree

  • Originating from Brazil, the Coronata Restinga Dark Red Jaboticaba Tree is a unique and rare gem now available from Everglades Farms in Florida.
  • Encased in a 3-gallon container, this remarkable tree brings the flavors of the renowned purple Jaboticaba to your garden, with a delightful twist.
  • Distinguished by its striking dark red fruits, this variety offers a sweeter and less tart taste compared to its purple counterpart, delighting palates with its rich and enticing flavor profile.
  • Standing at a charming height of 2-3 feet, these young trees are the result of two years of careful nurturing, ensuring a strong start to their fruitful journey in your garden.
  • Cultivated in our state-of-the-art plant nursery nestled in Homestead, Florida, these trees reap the benefits of our region's ideal subtropical climate, ensuring robust growth and optimal health.
  • Despite their relative youth, these trees are heavy producers, promising abundant harvests that begin as soon as 5 years from planting—a testament to their vitality and potential.
  • Imagine the joy of harvesting delectable Jaboticaba fruits year-round, as this tree consistently bears fruit, adding a touch of magic to your garden with its evergreen beauty and continuous bounty.
  • Whether you're an avid gardener or simply someone who appreciates the wonders of nature, the Coronata Restinga Dark Red Jaboticaba Tree is a perfect addition to your garden landscape. Its unique qualities and year-round fruiting make it an enchanting centerpiece that promises to captivate your senses and create lasting memories.

Unlock the splendor of Brazil's Jaboticaba tradition right in your backyard—order your Coronata Restinga Dark Red Jaboticaba Tree from Everglades Farms today and embark on a journey of flavor, beauty, and natural abundance.

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Customer Reviews

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Bad or not service after sale

although might be good at the beginning, but once the trees sold and the trees died or dying soon , they will refused to do anything for " they cannot control the growing condition once you planted". so good luck for your buying.

Yingbing Chen
Dark Red Jaboticaba tree leaves off

Hi my dark red jaboticab tree all leavs drid and come off. Not sure it can survive ?

Anna Nguyen


Helen Ly

Healthy plan