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Red Spanish/Hog Plum, Ciruela, Jocote Rojo, Mombin Tree

Red Spanish/Hog Plum, Ciruela, Jocote Rojo, Mombin Tree

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Red Spanish/Hog Plum, Ciruela, Jocote Rojo, Mombin Tree - A Tropical Delight from Florida

  • Unique Dormancy Cycle: Our Red Spanish/Hog Plum, Ciruela, Jocote Rojo, Mombin Tree exhibits a distinctive dormancy pattern, shedding its leaves in winter and then emerging into a splendid spectacle during spring.

  • Spring Awakening: Witness the enchanting transformation as the tree awakens from its dormant state during spring break. Experience the awe-inspiring sight of beautiful blossoms adorning the branches, giving way to delightful fruits in a mere 45-60 days.

  • Fruiting Elegance: Revel in the convenience of fruits and flowers blooming directly on the branches, a characteristic feature that sets this tree apart. Say goodbye to conventional hanging fruit, and embrace the elegance of nature's design.

  • Culinary Versatility: Indulge in the delectable taste and versatility of these plums. Enjoy them fresh or explore the unique flavors they bring to East Indian cuisine when consumed while still green.

  • Promising Beginnings: Our trees, nurtured in 3-gallon containers, boast an average age of 6-12 months, offering a robust foundation for rapid growth. Prepare to be amazed by their vigorous development.

  • Flourishing in Subtropical Splendor: Cultivated in our Homestead, Florida plant nursery, our trees thrive in the subtropical climate, leveraging the advantages of this ideal environment for robust growth and fruit production.

  • Cutting-Edge Propagation: Rest assured, our Red Spanish/Hog Plum, Ciruela, Jocote Rojo, Mombin Tree is propagated through meticulous cuttings, preserving its exceptional traits with precision and care.

  • Joyful Harvest: Experience the satisfaction of reaping what you sow as these remarkable trees mature. In just 1-2 years, you'll have the pleasure of harvesting delectable, mouth-watering fruits that embody the essence of tropical abundance.

Discover the allure of Everglades Farms' Red Spanish/Hog Plum, Ciruela, Jocote Rojo, Mombin Tree – a captivating journey from dormancy to bloom, an embodiment of culinary excellence, and a promise of bountiful harvests.

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Customer Reviews

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Red Jocote rojo

Tree arrived very healthy, impressed how thick it was. Will buy again. Thanks. Tree has no leaves but that’s the way they are,, lose leaves in the winter and New leaves grow once weather gets warmer. Just like plums and peaches

Dilip Lakshman

I received the plant in time. However, all the leaves were fallen when I unpacked the package, and no fresh leaves are coming yet. So, I will wait to see the leaves and/or flowers before knowing the plant's health. I am keeping the soil moist enough and the pot in a partial shade.

healthy awesome tree

healthy awesome tree

Benjamin Rivas

Muy bien

Alejo Pelayo

My jocote tree arrived around 7 days after ordered. It had no leaves or branches and a very few roots. It was dry bout 5 inches from the top. The rest of the trunk was a little wrinkleed. The soil was very wet but it smelled like a sewer pipe. It's my first time ordering a tree online so I don't know if this is normal. I planted it as indicated with the proper weather conditions and draining soil but after about 2 weeks, I see no improvement. I will keep my fingers crossed and hope it wakes up