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Bruce Canistel [Egg-Fruit] Tree

Bruce Canistel [Egg-Fruit] Tree

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Bruce Canistel [Egg-Fruit] Tree - Unveiling a Delightful Tropical Treasure!

Discover the unique and flavorful world of the Bruce Canistel Tree, a tropical gem that brings the taste of maple syrup-coated sweet potatoes to your garden. As you embark on your journey to cultivate this exquisite fruit, here are the key details you need to know:

  • Sensational Flavor and Texture: Indulge in the extraordinary taste of Canistel fruit, where the remarkable fusion of flavors is reminiscent of maple syrup drizzled over luscious sweet potatoes. Its texture is a symphony of sensations, with a dense and soft quality that is at once smooth, dry, creamy, and flaky.

  • Versatile Container Growing: The Bruce Canistel Tree is an excellent candidate for container cultivation. While its stature is large, its adaptable nature allows it to thrive within the confines of a container, provided you offer ample space for its root system to flourish.

  • Grafted Excellence: Rest assured that your Canistel Tree is grafted from a high-quality, fruit-producing parent tree. This meticulous grafting process ensures that you'll be harvesting delectable Canistel fruits in due time.

  • Homestead's Tropical Advantage: Your Canistel Tree is nurtured and grown with care in our lush plant nursery in Homestead, Florida. Our subtropical climate lends the perfect environment for this exceptional tree to thrive.

  • Optimal Tree Age: Embrace the joy of growing a young and vibrant Canistel Tree. When you receive your 2-gallon container, you'll be welcoming a tree with an average age of 6-12 months, poised to flourish under your care.

  • Premium Slow-Release Nutrition: The soil in your 2-Gal plastic container comes enriched with our premium 8-3-9 slow-release granular fertilizer. This nutritional boost supports the healthy growth and development of your Canistel Tree.

  • Compact Elegance: Experience the beauty of the Bruce Canistel Tree as it graces your space. With an approximate height of 2-3 feet, including the container, it embodies both elegance and functionality.

  • Sun-Kissed Delight: Thriving under the embrace of full sun, your Canistel Tree will revel in its exposure. While its cold hardiness ranges between 28-30°F, ensure moist and well-drained soils to encourage optimal growth.

  • Moderate Growth Rate: Witness the gradual transformation of your Canistel Tree as it embarks on its medium-paced journey towards maturity.

  • Dimensions and Spacing: Anticipate the impressive growth of your Canistel Tree, with an average height and width of 25 feet. When planting, provide ample spacing of 15-20 feet to allow its splendor to unfurl.

Unveil the exceptional allure of the Bruce Canistel [Egg-Fruit] Tree in your garden, and be prepared to savor the delectable fruits of your labor. With its unique flavors, captivating texture, and adaptability, this tropical treasure is sure to become a cherished addition to your green haven. Order now and let the sweetness of the Canistel fruit elevate your gardening experience.

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Customer Reviews

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Huong Nguyen
Very happy

I’m very happy with my purchased, the tree look very healthy, better than I expected!!!

liang zhu

did not receive

Tami Posada

good tree size

Chase Jacobson

very nice tree, great value, Bigger than expected!

Lee Johnson
Egg fruit tree

Tree looks great!