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Brogdon Avocado Tree, Cold Hardy, Grafted

Brogdon Avocado Tree, Cold Hardy, Grafted

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Introducing the Brogdon Avocado Tree - Cold Hardy and Flavorful!

Unleash the magic of homegrown avocados with our Brogdon Avocado Tree. This cold-hardy variety is a true gem, offering you a bounty of delicious, nutrient-rich avocados right from your own garden. Here's why the Brogdon Avocado Tree is a must-have addition to your landscape:

  • Cold Hardy Champion: The Brogdon Avocado Tree is a resilient performer, unfazed by temperatures as low as 32 degrees. You can enjoy the delectable taste of avocados even in regions with cooler climates.

  • A Taste Sensation: Indulge in avocados with a unique twist. The Brogdon variety features deep purple skin and a creamy pulp that boasts a rich, nutty flavor. It's a culinary delight reminiscent of the renowned California Hass variety.

  • Sunshine's Best Friend: This avocado tree thrives in both full and partial sunlight, adapting to various light conditions in your garden. It's a versatile choice that suits different outdoor spaces.

  • Flourishing in Florida: Our Brogdon Avocado Trees are nurtured with care in our Homestead, Florida plant nursery. The subtropical climate lends its magic touch, ensuring robust growth and vibrant avocados.

  • Optimal Container Size: Your Brogdon Avocado Tree arrives ready to flourish in a 3-gallon plastic container. The average age of the tree is 12-18 months, giving you a head start on avocado abundance.

  • Stately Stature: Watch your Brogdon Avocado Tree reach for the skies, with an approximate height of 3 feet or even taller. It's a sight to behold as it graces your garden with its elegance.

  • Harvest Delight: Experience the joy of harvest as you gather the fruit from July to September. The avocados showcase a captivating black hue and boast a satisfying size of 8-12 oz.

  • Nature's Nutrient Powerhouse: Avocado is celebrated for its nutrient-packed goodness. The Brogdon variety is no exception, offering a delightful blend of taste and health benefits.

  • Grafted for Excellence: Our Brogdon Avocado Trees are expertly grafted, ensuring top-tier quality and consistent performance. You can trust in the tree's ability to deliver a bountiful harvest.

Elevate your gardening experience and savor the flavor of homegrown avocados with the Brogdon Avocado Tree. With its cold-hardy nature, distinctive taste, and exceptional growth potential, it's a remarkable addition to any garden. Purchase your own Brogdon Avocado Tree today and embark on a journey of avocado delight!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Great Quality Tree

I was very please with packaging, shipping, and just a beautiful tree. Will buy from everglades again!

Graham OBrien
Main Leader Cut

In order to fit my Brogdon avocado tree in the box they cut the top of the tree off. If you know anything about trees the dominant leader is the only thing you don’t cut. I’ll see how it grows but honestly wish I had a different tree.

Stephen chayer
Nicely packaged.

Nice setup for shipping. Who ever came up with that is amazing.

Debby Peters
Avocado 🥑 trees



Good looking tree! Can’t wait for fruit!