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Black Mission Fig Tree

Black Mission Fig Tree

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  • Rich, Sweet Fruit: Indulge in the delectable sweetness of our Black Mission Fig Tree's abundant, luscious fruit, perfect for satisfying your taste buds and adding a touch of luxury to your garden.

  • Large Main Crop: Enjoy an impressive yield of succulent figs from our 2-3 feet tall Black Mission Fig Tree. With its generous main crop, you'll have an abundance of delicious fruits to relish and share with family and friends.

  • Well-Known Fig: The Black Mission Fig is a highly sought-after and well-known variety, favored by gardeners and fruit enthusiasts alike for its exceptional flavor and versatility in various culinary delights.

  • Suitable for Zones 7-10: Flourishing in zones 7 to 10, our Black Mission Fig Tree is an ideal choice for a wide range of climates, making it accessible to more gardening enthusiasts across different regions.

  • Low-Maintenance and High-Yield: Experience the joy of growing your own figs effortlessly. Our Black Mission Fig Tree requires minimal care while providing a bountiful harvest, making it a convenient and rewarding addition to any garden.

  • Florida Grown: Our Black Mission Fig Trees are carefully nurtured in the sunny state of Florida, ensuring they are acclimated to the optimal conditions for growth, resulting in healthier and more vigorous plants.

  • Enhance Your Landscape: Beyond its delectable fruit, the Black Mission Fig Tree boasts attractive foliage and a distinctive silhouette, adding aesthetic appeal to your landscape or garden.

  • Health Benefits: Besides its delightful taste, figs are known for their numerous health benefits. Packed with essential nutrients and dietary fiber, our Black Mission Fig Tree offers a natural and wholesome way to boost your well-being.

  • Limited Stock, Order Now: Don't miss out on the opportunity to own this prized Black Mission Fig Tree. With limited stock available, secure yours now to enjoy the rich rewards of growing this exceptional fruit tree in your own backyard.

  • Fast Shipping from Florida: Experience prompt and efficient delivery of your Black Mission Fig Tree from our Florida-based farm, ensuring your tree arrives fresh and ready to thrive in its new home.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Peggy Smith

We bought three fig trees of different kinds. I like that they came already tree topped as I am going to keep them pruned to keep size low. They came in good shape, but losing leafs. Not sure if that's good or bad. I'm new to growing trees in Florida.

G. B.

Strong nice tree!
I have put it in a 5 gln container and is is growing very well !

Analyn Berglund
Everything arrived safely!

There is no problems with my orders from you guys, the problem is from another company where I ordered an army of baby Thuja green giants that are rapidly dying in place!

We must pray for these people!

But we will definitely be ordering from you guys again and soon!

God bless!

Jesus is Lord!

Barbara D
Black Mission Fig tree

I’m very pleased with my fig and tamarind trees from Everglades Farm. Now that I know how easy it is to get quality trees delivered to my door, I’m sure I’ll be back soon looking for more.


I purchased 2 of these Black Mission Fig plants and am sooooo pleased. I live in zone 9 in Florida. They were shipped with sturdy packaging and received in excellent condition. I recently transplanted them into larger pots, no signs of stress upon receipt and after transplanting. Very healthy specimens. I followed your printed instructions to the letter, as I recommend everyone to do. They are thriving, with new growth and the normal amount of a few older leaves lost. I have bought several other trees from your nursery and have had NO problems. Great job!