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Russell Long Neck Avocado Tree Grafted

Russell Long Neck Avocado Tree Grafted

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Introducing the Russell Long Neck Avocado Tree Grafted – Elevate Your Home Garden with Exquisite Green Delights!
  • Distinctive Gourd-like Elegance: The Russell Avocado stands out with its unique gourd-like shape, characterized by a pear-shaped apex and a graceful, elongated neck.

  • Fast-track to Deliciousness: Grafted for Success – Our Russell Avocado trees are meticulously grafted from the choicest, high-quality fruit-producing Avocado trees, ensuring a head start on your journey to mouthwatering avocados.

  • Home Gardener's Delight: With a reputation for bearing fruit exceptionally well, the Russell Avocado tree is the perfect addition to your home garden, promising a bountiful harvest that will leave you and your loved ones in awe.

  • Pure Taste, Petite Seed: Indulge in avocado bliss with the Russell's flesh of exceptional quality and a conveniently small seed, offering you more of the delectable fruit you crave.

  • Extended Harvest Window: Revel in the deliciousness of the Russell Avocado during the prime months of August to September, ensuring an extended period of savoring your favorite green delights.

  • Rapid Fruition: Patience is rewarded – grafted trees showcase their fruit-bearing prowess in as little as 2-3 years, allowing you to experience the joy of homegrown avocados sooner than you might expect.

  • Nurtured to Perfection: Each Russell Avocado tree in our 2-gallon containers boasts an average age of 12-18 months, lovingly cultivated to ensure a thriving start in your garden.

  • Protection You Can Trust: Your Russell Avocado tree will journey to you in a robust plastic container, cradled in nutrient-rich soil, and enveloped in triple-layer protection, ensuring its safe arrival and your peace of mind.

  • Sizeable Beauty, Luscious Flavor: Delight in the splendor of Russell Avocado's large, green-skinned marvels, weighing in at an impressive 24 to 40 ounces each – a testament to nature's abundance.

  • Seasonal Sensation: Embrace the flavors of the season – the Russell Avocado shines brightest from July to September, gracing your table with a burst of green goodness.

  • Type A Excellence: The Russell Avocado proudly boasts a Type A classification, ensuring optimal pollination for consistently remarkable fruit production.

Elevate your garden, savor the goodness, and experience the unmatched allure of the Russell Long Neck Avocado Tree Grafted from Everglades Farms. Discover the joy of nurturing your very own avocado haven and reap the delectable rewards for years to come.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
shaun sava
Grafted avocado tree

Beautiful tree. We received our avocado tree in perfect condition. Very good packing and shipping. Thanks


Great seller the tree arrived healthy

Chuck Mack
Tree Quality

Both avocado trees we purchased are doing well. The apricot has lost all of its’ leafs. We are hoping it’s just in shock and recovers.


Arrived on time, alive, and still had level 5 moisture in the soil according to my . Lots of leaves and could put in the Sun without having to harden it off.

Carlos Torres

Very well package, Growing fast, I'm very happy!!. Looking forward to buy another tree.