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Choquette Avocado Tree Grafted

Choquette Avocado Tree Grafted

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Choquette Avocado Tree Grafted - Florida's Finest Avocado Variety

Discover the exceptional Choquette Avocado Tree Grafted, meticulously nurtured and perfected by Everglades Farms. This remarkable fruit-bearing tree is an embodiment of our commitment to providing you with top-tier quality and delightful harvests.

Key Features:

  • Approximate Height: 3 Feet - Perfectly sized for easy cultivation and maintenance, whether in your garden or as a potted plant on your patio.

  • Superior Packaging: Your tree will arrive at your doorstep thriving in a 3-Gallon plastic container ensconced in nutrient-rich soil, cocooned with triple-layer protection, ensuring its safety and health during transit.

  • Rapid Fruit Production: Benefit from the expertise of Everglades Farms as your grafted Choquette Avocado Tree matures into a fruit-bearing marvel within 2-3 years. Expect to enjoy the fruits of your labor sooner with our 12-month-old trees in 3-gallon containers.

  • Proven Grafting Excellence: Each tree is meticulously grafted from the choicest branches of high-quality fruit-producing Choquette Avocado trees, ensuring consistent and superior fruit quality.

  • Delectable Avocado Delights: Indulge in the mouthwatering allure of large avocados with vibrant green skin, harvested from your very own Choquette Avocado Tree. These avocados are known for their exceptional taste and creamy texture, making them a culinary delight.

  • Harvest Time: Savor the bounty of your labor from October to February as the Choquette Avocado Tree generously offers its luscious fruits.

  • Fruit Characteristics: Revel in avocados boasting a rich green hue, ranging from 10 to 24 ounces in size. Each bite showcases the culmination of meticulous care and Florida's sunny embrace.

  • Elegant Blossoms: Admire the elegant flower type, adding a touch of grace to your landscape as it ushers in the avocado-growing season.

Invest in the legacy of Everglades Farms and nurture your own slice of Florida's agricultural excellence with the Choquette Avocado Tree Grafted. Join us in celebrating the art of cultivation, where every tree tells a story of dedication and nature's abundance.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
john darst
Terrible tree, the top of the trunk was cut off. The only foliage was at the top.

When I complained about the sorry tree that they sent me, they said they would give me 15% off on my next. They should have sent me another tree in good condition. They did not. I would never deal with them again.

Jerry Moon
Avocado Tree

Arrived very quickly, and in great condition. The tree was larger than I expected. Very happy with my purchase!

Arleen Turner
Beautiful Tree

I recently ordered a Choquette Avocado Tree and had it shipped to me. It came to me in perfectly good condition.. I was born and raised in Homestead and my family had avocado groves. I have missed Florida avocado’s and am so tired of the no taste small Haas avocado’s that are sold in the grocery stores. There is absolutely no comparing the two. Choquette’s have a creamy nutty flavor you’ll never forget. I am looking forward to growing my Choquette avocado and producing that perfect taste that I remember so well!! Thank Everglades Farm!!!
Warm regards, M. A. Turner

Nice BUT!!!!!

Second tree I have ordered with the main branch chopped off!! Specifically stated in the ordering process, not to have the main branch chopped off but they sent it like that anyway! I guess they either didn’t bother to read the comment or just didn’t care. Tree came with a few branches broken and all bent out of shape witch is understandable but to have the main branch cut right off is not okay


Looked a little tired. No many leaves