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Araza, Aracaba-boi, Eugenia Stipitata, Plant

Araza, Aracaba-boi, Eugenia Stipitata, Plant

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  • Araza (Eugenia Stipitata): A Tropical Delight
    • Araza is a charming shrub or small tree that delights with its vibrant presence and delectable fruit.
    • Native to the lush landscapes of South America, including Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru, this tropical gem brings a touch of exotic beauty to your space.
    • A mature Araza plant stands at an impressive 7-15 feet in height, creating a striking focal point in your garden or landscape.
    • Delivered in a 2-Gallon plastic container filled with nutrient-rich soil, each plant is cocooned in triple-layer protection during shipping, ensuring its safe arrival at your doorstep.
    • Embrace the benefits of subtropical weather by welcoming our meticulously nurtured Araza, cultivated in the heart of Homestead, Florida.
    • Versatility defines the Araza – suitable for both container planting and ground installation, it offers flexibility to fit your gardening preferences.
    • Its compact size makes Araza a perfect candidate for pot cultivation, allowing you to enjoy this tropical wonder even in limited spaces.
    • However, do keep in mind that Araza is sensitive to freezing temperatures and should be shielded from frost to ensure its health and vitality.
    • To maintain its lush green foliage and ensure optimal growth, moderate watering is key. Strike the right balance to prevent root problems and leaf chlorosis.
    • Indulge your senses in the unique flavors of Arazá fruit. Experience a delightful blend of tartness reminiscent of citrus, intertwined with subtle notes of raspberry and gooseberry.
    • The flesh of the Arazá fruit is an exquisite combination of juicy sweetness and invigorating tartness, with a delicate yet intriguing bitter undertone that lingers on the palate.

Elevate your garden with the allure of Araza from Everglades Farms – a living testament to the splendors of subtropical cultivation. Place your order today and savor the taste of this exotic treasure from the comfort of your own home.

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Diana Oquendo
Beautiful tree

So healthy with flowers, love it