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Alano Sapodilla Nispero Tree, Air Layered

Alano Sapodilla Nispero Tree, Air Layered

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  • The Alano Sapodilla, also known as Nispero, is a delectable oval-shaped fruit native to Thailand, renowned as the finest Sapodilla variety globally, boasting a delightful super sweet flavor and a texture reminiscent of an ultra-fine pear.
  • These Air Layered Alano Sapodilla trees are meticulously nurtured in our plant nursery located in sunny Homestead, Florida, taking advantage of our region's subtropical climate for optimal growth.
  • Each tree is approximately 2-3 feet tall upon purchase, with an average age of 12-18 months, ensuring you get a young and vibrant tree to cultivate in your own space.
  • Expect a relatively quick turnaround for fruit-bearing potential with grafted trees; they can produce fruits in as little as 1-3 years under proper care and favorable conditions.
  • Growing the Alano Sapodilla in a container is entirely possible, making it suitable for those with limited garden space. The growth rate will be influenced by the size of the container you choose.
  • The fruit size ranges from 4 to 9 ounces, offering a generous portion of this exquisite delicacy. The fruiting season starts in November and lasts until June, guaranteeing a bountiful harvest during these months.
  • Enhance your garden or landscape with this eye-catching and delicious fruit tree that will not only be a source of tasty treats but also add a touch of beauty and uniqueness to your surroundings.
  • Our Alano Sapodilla trees have been lovingly air-layered and tended with the utmost care to ensure you receive a healthy and robust plant, ready to thrive in your garden.
  • Whether you're a seasoned gardener or a newbie to fruit cultivation, our Alano Sapodilla trees are an excellent choice due to their adaptability and relatively easy maintenance requirements.
  • Experience the joy of harvesting your own organic, fresh, and succulent Sapodillas right from your backyard, providing your family with a consistent supply of this heavenly fruit throughout the season.
  • Enjoy the convenience of ordering online from our Florida-based nursery, ensuring the freshest and healthiest trees delivered straight to your doorstep with utmost care.
  • Buy the Alano Sapodilla tree now and embark on a fruitful journey of growing your own tropical treasure. Don't miss the opportunity to savor the sweet taste of Thailand's finest Sapodilla variety from the comfort of your home.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
BG of Paso Robles Ca.
Happy customer

Late respond, the Alano tree that I received was healthy & larger than any Alano tree with same size pot that I saw in Southern Cal. nursery. Thank Everglades for shipping large healthy trees.

Tien Le
One of best nurseries for tropical fruit trees

Very healthy good looking tree I received. This is one of the best nurseries for tropical fruit trees. Would highly recommend.

Steve Tran
Great store, great trees

Tree arrived beautiful, carefully packed. I followed the instructions packed in the shipment and the tree is doing well. I have made several purchases after this and they all do well. Thank you.

Beautiful sapodilla

Wow this tree arrived with a few fruits! it looks beautiful and healthy. This will be my number one company for my fruit trees. Excellent and fast shipping.