Grow Rainbow Eucalyptus in Florida

How to Grow Rainbow Eucalyptus?

The rainbow eucalyptus tree (Eucalyptus deglupta) is famous for its multicolored bark turning from green, to shades of blue, to orange to maroon. This tree is native to the tropical rainforest parts of the Philippines, New Guinea, and Indonesia and this tree grows up to great heights and comes in a very exotic type. The climate in Florida is warm and with considerable amounts of rainfall and therefore, it is possible to grow Rainbow Eucalyptus.

This blog will provide you with specific information on how to grow a eucalyptus tree of this particular variant and nurture Rainbow Eucalyptus in Florida’s climate so that the beautiful tree can be grown in one's garden.

How to Grow a Eucalyptus Tree of the Rainbow Variant: Factors to be Considered

Eucalyptus Tree

If someone desires to grow a rainbow eucalyptus tree in Florida, one should take care of certain essential criteria for its proper growth. These vital aspects are discussed as follows.

Selecting the Right Location

The best climate for this plant in Florida is in the USDA hardiness zones that range from 9B through 11. Such examples include the southern Florida area which is warm and also some parts of central Florida. Select an area that has a lot of sunlight as the Rainbow Eucalyptus trees require at least six hours of sunlight every day. The soil should be well drained since water logging is a major contributing factor to the development of root rot. Soil that has a slightly acidic to neutral pH level is good, you might need to get a soil test done to check on its pH level and adjust appropriately if needed.


If planting Rainbow Eucalyptus indoors in Florida, there are three ways that you can do it; either by planting the seeds, by planting the young tree, or from a cutting.

How to Plant Eucalyptus Seeds?

In case you decide to cultivate from seeds, new seeds should be soaked in water for 24 hours to enhance germination. Sow the seeds in the seed starting mix; water the soil until germination has taken place. When the eucalyptus seedling has about three sets of leaves, they can be transplanted outdoors. This should answer your question ‘How to grow a eucalyptus tree from seed?’

How to Grow Eucalyptus Tree from Saplings?

For saplings ensure that the hole you make is twice the size of the root ball in both width and depth. Usually, it is recommended that the root ball of the sapling should be 2 cm above the ground and it should be placed in the hole in that manner. Remove the soil and put it back into the hole filling up the hole with water to help settle the roots down. Mowing around the base of the tree benefits both the moisture content of the soil and the tree’s ability to ‘breathe’; absolutely essential in the hot climatic conditions of Florida.

How to Grow a Eucalyptus Tree from Cutting?

Rainbow Eucalyptus indoors

To propagate a cutting to grow a Rainbow Eucalyptus, choose a 6-8 inch branch and it must contain a couple of leaves. Make a cutting that is just below a node; take off the lower leaves and put in the rooting hormone. Best planted in well-draining soil, water frequently and provide the plant with indirect light and warm, humid conditions. Place the jar with the plant in it in a plastic bag or cover it with a dome for humidity. After a few weeks, roots should start to establish themselves and the plant can be gradually exposed to outdoor conditions before transplanting.

Watering and Feeding

The Rainbow Eucalyptus trees are more susceptible to harsh environmental conditions, particularly in Florida calls for frequent watering during the initial stage of growth. Water the tree deeply once or twice a week, though the soil around the tree should not be soggy. If there is a dry season in the flow, or if the weather gets very warm, it is recommended to water the tree more often to avoid stress.

Feed the tree with a nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium slow-released fertilizer, every six months. Organic matter that has a nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium (N-P-K) ratio of 1:1:1 would assist in plant growth as a fertilizer. Avoid over-fertilization because this may lead to a rather thick foliage which may disguise the colorful bark on the tree. Reach out to us for the best watered and fed eucalyptus tree for sale.

Pruning and Maintenance

In this regard, it is important for a Rainbow Eucalyptus plant to be pruned from time to time. The recommended time for pruning in Florida is in January, February, and March because it is the end of the dry season and before the tree starts budding. It is recommended to ensure that all dead or damaged branches are pruned out and that diseased branches are also removed to encourage good lots of air circulation. Pruning also helps in giving the tree a wanted shape, as well as making the tree drop old bark to expose the brightly colored inner skin.

This step is crucial for a rainbow eucalyptus sapling to turn into a healthy, full rainbow eucalyptus tree.


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Disclaimer- The information provided in this content is just for educational purposes and is written by a professional writer. Consult us to know more about how to grow rainbow eucalyptus trees.

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