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Sweet Granadilla, Grenadia, Vine

Sweet Granadilla, Grenadia, Vine

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Introducing Sweet Granadilla: A Taste of Tropical Delight from Everglades Farms

  • Exquisite Edible Fruit: Discover the allure of our Sweet Granadilla vine (Passiflora ligularis), cultivated for its delectable and exotic edible fruit.

  • Perfectly Sized for Containers: Standing at 2-3 feet tall, this compact vine is tailor-made for container gardening, allowing you to enjoy its luscious fruit even in limited spaces.

  • Florida's Finest: Grown with care in the lush landscapes of Florida, our Sweet Granadilla vine thrives in the sunshine state's ideal climate.

  • Tantalizing Taste: Indulge in fruit that measures a delectable 3” in length. Ripe and ready for consumption when its rind transforms into a vibrant orange-yellow hue adorned with delicate white dots.

  • Versatile Consumption: Enjoy the fruit's succulent flesh directly from the shell or experience its refreshing juice by straining and sipping – a revitalizing tropical drink that captures the essence of relaxation.

  • Nature's Artistry: As your vine reaches heights of 2-3 feet, witness its impressive growth and beautifully large, green leaves that add a touch of tropical elegance to any setting.

  • Elegantly Ornamental: Adorn your surroundings with the captivating beauty of our Sweet Granadilla flowers. Delicate whitish-green petals intermingle with a profusion of purple and white filaments, emitting a sweet and musky scent that enchants your senses.

  • Rooted in Tradition: Native to the heartlands of Mexico and South America, this passionate Passion Flower vine embodies a rich cultural heritage, making it a unique addition to your garden.

  • Thrives in Warmth: Flourishing within USDA Zones 10-11, our Sweet Granadilla vine eagerly embraces the balmy climates, rewarding your care with its prolific growth and flavorful bounty.

  • Seeds of Potential: Witness the miracle of growth as this splendid vine is propagated from seeds, offering you an opportunity to nurture and watch nature's wonder unfold.

Elevate your gardening experience with Everglades Farms' Sweet Granadilla vine – a tantalizing tropical treasure that infuses your space with beauty, flavor, and a touch of exotic allure. Nurture your own slice of paradise and embrace the joy of cultivating this remarkable plant.

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