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SweetHeart Lychee Fruit Tree

SweetHeart Lychee Fruit Tree

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  • Sweetheart is the top rated lychee variety for dooryard growers for its superior quality and reliability
  • The tree you are buying is in a plastic container. It should be watered every day, about 1/2 a gal of water. When you see the water overflowing from the bottom pot, it means you are putting too much water. The tree can be planted on the soil immediately. You still need to water it every day
  • Sweet and juicy with a rose fragrance Lychee’s are considered the King of fruit. With its rough, scaly outer skin, lychee’s shape is compared to a strawberry and ripens very fast from green to a beautiful bright red exterior. The fruit itself resembles a grape and can have a seed in the middle which is removed before eating this luxurious fruit
  • You are responsible for knowing the laws in your area. Be aware of the weather between homestead FL 33030 and your address. Track your package and if you are not going to be home call Fedex and ask them to hold it for your pickup.
  • We are not responsible for trees stolen from your doorstep. Enjoy your new tree and if you need help, send us a message via email or by calling our 800 number
  • Depending on your destination and transit days, we might ship your tree until Monday, so that it does not sit on Fedex warehouses for 2-days during weekends. We cannot accept returns on our tropical fruit trees. Unless the carrier damages or destroys the live plant
  • This tree is propagated by air layering, this means that this tree is a clone of a mature tree and is able to produce fruit in 2-3 years 
  • Tree is propagated from Airlayering 
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Customer Reviews

Based on 50 reviews
Sweetheart Lychee

Plant arrived quickly,look great and growing well since being planted.

Jay Innocent
Sweetheart Lychee

Plant arrived quickly,look great and growing well since being planted.

Bruce Hearnsberger
Great tree

Arrived in good shape and looks very healthy! I am extremely pleased with the purchase.

Jesse Hawthorne

SweetHeart Lychee Fruit Tree


My experience was excellent