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Coffee Plant

Coffee Plant

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Explore the Allure of Coffea Arabica: Florida-Grown Coffee Plants for Sale!

  • Delight in small white, star-shaped flowers emitting a captivating fragrance reminiscent of gardenias.
  • Experience the unique resemblance to gardenias, showcasing a special botanical connection.
  • Witness a stunning transformation as berries change from green to yellow and finally to red.
  • Unveil the hidden treasures within the fleshy berries – two greenish-gray seeds wrapped in a delicate parchment-like husk, ready to be roasted and brewed.
  • Elevate your coffee game by cultivating, roasting, and grinding your own beans at home.
  • Receive your plant in a sturdy 3-gallon container complete with soil, ensuring a smooth transition to your garden.
  • Enjoy optimal growth with partial sun exposure and impressive resilience, enduring temperatures as low as 30 degrees.
  • Nurture your plant in well-drained, moist soil, observing its medium growth rate, reaching an average height of 6 feet and width of 3 feet.
  • Space your coffee plants 4-6 feet apart to allow them to flourish naturally and elegantly.
  • Experience the joy of harvesting your own coffee beans as seeds develop within 2-3 years, creating a rich and rewarding journey.

Immerse yourself in the world of Coffea Arabica from Everglades Farms, where nature's beauty meets your coffee cup. Embrace the opportunity to cultivate Florida's finest and be part of the magic. Order your coffee plants today and enjoy the satisfaction of growing and brewing your own coffee!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Emily Meeks
The plant looked like the size I needed

I'm glad this tree came out in the size it was supposed to I just wish it was a bit healthier but it's better that it being dead so thanks.👍🏻

Sandra Stone
Love coffee AND plants!

This arrived quickly and in wonderful shape. This will be a perfect gift for the coffee lover in our family who also loves plants!

Samuel Rose
Coffee Tree

My coffee tree is doing great Thank You!!!!!

Zoila Kirk

Coffee Plant, Coffea Arabica , 2-3 Feet Tall For Sale from Florida


Coffee Plant, Coffea Arabica , 2-3 Feet Tall For Sale from Florida