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Green Coconut Palm Malayan Tree Dwarf

Green Coconut Palm Malayan Tree Dwarf

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  • Green Coconut Palm Malayan Dwarf Tree - Taste Paradise in Your Garden!

    • Thrives in Challenging Conditions: High drought and salt tolerance, making it a perfect choice for coastal areas and dry climates.

    • Grown in Florida's Subtropical Haven: Our nursery in Homestead, Florida nurtures these coconut palms to perfection, benefiting from the ideal weather.

    • Easily Grown from Seeds: Start your tropical oasis with ease by planting these palm seeds.

    • Abundant Harvest: Semi-dwarf tree with green fruit that will start producing coconuts at approximately 2’-3’ of grey wood. No more waiting for years!

    • A Continuous Supply of Delicious Fruit: Indulge in the delightful taste of homegrown coconuts throughout the year.

    • Create Your Tropical Paradise: Transform your garden into a lush paradise with the iconic beauty of Green Malayan Coconut Palm.

    • Low-Maintenance Delight: Once established, these palms require minimal care and bring tropical charm to your landscape.

    • Endless Uses: Enjoy fresh coconut water, create delicious recipes, or simply relish the beauty of your own coconut oasis.

    • Order Now and Savor the Tropics: Embrace the allure of the tropics in your backyard with our Green Coconut Palm Malayan Dwarf Trees. Get ready to unwind in your tropical haven! Order now and plant your own piece of paradise!

How Tall do Malayan Dwarf Coconuts Grow?
Trunk Height 5 feet (6years) - 18 feet (30 years)
How soon can Malayan Dwarf Coconuts produce fruit?

Flowering can begin as early as 4 years after planting. Coconuts take around 11 months on the tree to fully develop

Is there a difference between Green and Yellow Malayan?

There are not significant differences between the two varieties. Perhaps a small difference in flavor in the coconut water.

Temperature and cold Tolerance? 

Coconuts like warm to hot weather. At temperatures below 48 degrees F, growth ceases. From 55 to 80 degrees F, the growth rate increases five-fold. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Beautiful healthy Green Coconut Palm Malayan Tree Dwarf

Love love love my Green Coconut! I was so excited to have it and can't wait to transplant it soon. It's a constant reminder of my motherland. Thank you Everglades! I'll be ordering more tropical fruit trees soon. Thank you again.

Kevin Pace

So far so good packaged with care no breaks or damage and fast delivery thank you Everglades! 💪🏻

Gerardo Jerry Zayas

As I have noted previously, the coconut palms were somewhat smaller than what I had anticipated. One of the shipment cartons was damaged and so was the Green Palm inside.

Other than that, I am looking forward to picking up two of 7-footer Dwarf Coconut Palms.

Gregory Bierman

All is well

awesome tree

I was impressed with the presentation. Hopefully I get get some cocunts out here in California