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Bernecker Avocado Tree, Grafted

Bernecker Avocado Tree, Grafted

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  • A Popular Addition to Your Home Landscape: The Bernecker Avocado Tree, offered by Everglades Farms, is a sought-after choice for homeowners looking to cultivate their very own avocado oasis.

  • Rapid Fruit Production with Grafted Trees: With the advantage of grafting, these avocado trees showcase their remarkable fruiting abilities within just 2-3 years, allowing you to enjoy your own homegrown avocados sooner than you might expect.

  • Thriving Young Specimen: At Everglades Farms, we nurture our Bernecker Avocado Trees to a point of optimal growth. When delivered to your doorstep, these grafted trees are approximately 3 feet tall, boasting an average age of 6 months within a 3-gallon container.

  • Premium Quality Grafting: Our Bernecker Avocado Trees are grafted from a parent tree renowned for its high-quality, abundant fruit production. This ensures that the tree you're bringing into your landscape has all the potential to yield delicious, top-tier avocados.

  • Generous Harvest of Large, Delectable Avocados: Experience the pleasure of harvesting your own large, green-skinned avocados, each one carrying the distinctive flavor and creamy texture that Bernecker avocados are cherished for.

  • Secure and Thoughtful Shipping: Rest assured, your Bernecker Avocado Tree will be safely transported to your location in a sturdy 3-gallon plastic container complete with soil. Everglades Farms takes triple-layer protective measures to ensure the tree arrives at your doorstep in impeccable condition.

  • Timely Harvest Season: From the months of August to October, your Bernecker Avocado Tree will be in full swing, offering you a bountiful harvest window to look forward to.

  • Vibrant Appearance and Fruit Characteristics: The Bernecker Avocado Tree stands out with its lush green foliage and produces avocados boasting an impressive size ranging from 24 to 40 ounces, providing a true visual and culinary delight.

  • Blossom Elegance: The tree graces your landscape with its elegant A-type flowers, adding to the overall appeal of your outdoor space.

  • Thoughtful Size Consideration: With a projected size of approximately 30 feet in height and 20 feet in width, the Bernecker Avocado Tree fits well within a variety of outdoor settings, offering shade, beauty, and of course, a delightful avocado yield.

Transform your home landscape with the splendor of the Bernecker Avocado Tree from Everglades Farms. Experience the joy of cultivating your own avocado haven and relishing the fruits of your labor with every harvest.

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Customer Reviews

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G. B.
My little Bernecker

The Bernecker avocado tree arrived well but it was a bit weak and it seemed to have been treated with copper (leaves were half brownish) but it is recovering!