Sugar Apple Trees

Sugar Apple Trees

You’ve probably heard of granny smith, gala, and fuji apples, but have you heard of sugar apples? While largely different from traditional apples, the fruit that grows on this tree is equally delicious.

Sugar Apple Tree Details

Sugar Apple Trees

The sugar apple tree itself isn’t a large one. The tree is small and open, stretching a maximum of 15 to 20 in height and width. However, when you buy a sugar apple tree from everglades farm, the height will cap off at 2-3 feet. The tree is paired with long, slim branches that stretch from the base.

The leaves of the sugar apple tree begin as hairy pale green leaves that mature into smooth, oblong leaves that stretch 2.5-4 inches long. The sugar apple tree also has small, one-inch flowers that cluster around the tree.

Sugar Apple Fruit Details

This tree is largely popularized because of the fruit within. The sugar apple fruit is super sweet, with notes of vanilla and pineapple. The fruit can range in shape and size, typically resembling a heart-shape that can appear round or oblong depending on the tree. The fruit is usually 2-5 inches around and 4-24 ounces in weight.

The fruit is a creamy white color that has a smooth, slightly grainy custard consistency. The fruit also has seeds inside that resemble that of traditional apples with their shiny, dark brown appearance. The fruit is typically eaten fresh or used in juices.

Planting and Care

This plant fairs best in tropical weather. However, our trees are small enough to thrive in a container inside your home. This is a great option if you live in a cold climate. The tree can also be planted in the ground outside to liven up your yard or garden. The sugar apple tree is a beauty that tastes as good as it looks.