Difference between Rollinia and Sugar Appple Fruit?

Difference between Rollinia and Sugar Appple Fruit?

Rollinia and sugar apple are both tropical fruits that belong to the Annonaceae family. However, there are several differences between them:

  1. Appearance: Rollinia fruit has a smooth, yellowish skin that is covered with bumps, while sugar apple has a more bumpy and scaly skin, usually green to yellow in color.

  2. Flavor: Rollinia fruit has a tart, lemon-like flavor, while sugar apple has a sweeter, custard-like flavor.

  3. Seed disposition: Rollinia fruit has a large central seed surrounded by fleshy edible material, while sugar apple has numerous small seeds surrounded by edible flesh.

  4. Growth environment: Rollinia is more tolerant of frost and can grow in a wider range of climates, while sugar apple prefers hot and humid conditions.

  5. Nutritional value: Both fruits are a good source of vitamins and minerals, but sugar apple is higher in calcium, while rollinia is higher in vitamin C.

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