What is our warranty?

Everglades Farm Tree Warranty

Welcome to Everglades Farm, where the health of your new fruit tree is our top priority! We stand behind the quality of our trees and offer a warranty to ensure your green addition arrives in tip-top shape. Here’s what our promise includes, according to the guidelines below:

Initial Arrival: Upon delivery to the shipping address provided at purchase, you have a full 48 hours to report any transit-related stress on your tree. It's rare, but sometimes the elements or unexpected delays can take their toll.

In the Event of Damage: If your tree has had a rough journey, here's what you can do within 48 hours of its arrival:

  1. Capture the Condition: Snap clear photos of the tree and the box it arrived in, making sure to include the full tree - every leaf and branch counts!

  2. Reach Out: Email us the images at service@everglades.farm, along with your order number, so we can swiftly assist you.

  3. Care and Attention: Gently unpack your tree and begin a daily watering routine to help it settle in.

  4. Hold Off on Planting: Please wait before planting your tree in the ground. Doing so is essential for the warranty and for the tree's health during its adjustment period.

  5. A Little TLC: Give your tree some tender loving care for 10-15 days to help it bounce back.

If, despite your best efforts, your tree doesn’t make it, we'll honor our warranty with a replacement tree or a gift card for the value of your purchase.

Returning Trees: Should your tree need to come back to us for a little extra care, we’ll guide you through the process. Once we receive the tree, we’ll arrange for a gift card or a refund.

Address Details: Please double-check your shipping details when ordering, as we’re unable to make changes or reroute packages once the order is placed. Any address modifications will be at the customer's expense.

Special Circumstances: For trees sent to a freight forwarder, the customer assumes the risks associated with extended travel times. Our warranty covers these situations, but it's essential to be aware of the additional journey your tree will take.

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