Why Avocado Trees?

Why Avocado Trees?

When asked, each Everglades Farms employee will have a different answer to "Why should I buy avocado trees?" That is because buying an avocado tree or several avocado trees is not a "one size fits all" reason for most growers. In this guide we will explore the history of avocado trees, how avocado trees pollinate, being patient with them, proper avocado planting and care, and the Everglades Farms unique difference when you purchase from us.

Avocado Trees, A History:

Avocado trees actually have a long and interesting history. The avocado as we know it was likely first eaten in Mexico, where flowering avocado trees bloom in abundance. Avocado pits have been found in archaeological digs dating back to 10,000 years ago and were a base fruit used in many cultures in Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Ecuador, and Peru. Avocado trees were first imported to Spain in the 1500s and made its way to America in the early 1800s. Each time settlers and travelers brought fully mature avocado trees and avocado pits on their travels, learning where the avocado tree would and would not thrive.

The avocado is such a popular food staple that there is even a society dedicated to it. Founded in 1915, the California Avocado Association (now the California Avocado Society) has produced research and served as a cultural resource for many avocado growers. It was actually the society that coined the term "avocado."

Today the avocado is used in everyone's favorite dip, guacamole to its own food group - avocado toast. Those who choose to grow their own avocado trees find harvesting their own avocados to be an enjoyable pastime and a great addition to their gardens.

 How Avocado Trees Pollinate:

The avocado is actually a single seed berry, not a vegetable. Avocado Trees grow best in climates that are warm and have very little wind, since they have a unique self- pollination method. A single avocado tree has both male and female organs, although neither are active at the same time. Avocado trees can produce almost a million flowers that encourage pollination - the same flower will open over two days, first as female and second as male. Flower Type A follows a female, closed, closer, male ration, while Flower Type B follows a closed, female, male, closed pattern.

What does this mean for your avocado trees? It could take some time to actually grow avocados - some might take only three to four years, while some could take up to fifteen years. Check out this short guide with tips from The Farmer’s Almanac!

Be Patient with Your Avocado Trees!

Some say that patience is a virtue, and it could happen that your new avocado trees could test your patience. Most avocado trees will produce fruit after three to four years, with proper care, but it is possible that it could take up for ten to fifteen years before you see any results. Why is it possible for avocado trees to take so long to grow anything? The reason is multi-layered: it all depends on your soil condition, chemicals in the water, pollination factors, unpredictable weather patterns, etc.

Don't be discouraged! Avocado trees are well worth their weight in gold, especially if you and everyone you know are as obsessed with avocados as the rest of us.

Proper Avocado Tree Planting and Care:

Avocado trees are particularly easy to take care of, but it's important to follow proper instructions!

  • When planting your new avocado tree, dig a deep hole, almost three to four times the size of your planter. This will give the avocado tree plenty of room to grow!
  • Use the same dirt you dug up to cover the whole - don’t use new any type of fertilizer or new soil
  • Mulch is your best friend! It will help retain the moisture.
  • If you have multiple avocado trees, space them five to ten feet away from each other - this will allow for the roots to expand and for cross-pollination!

Avocado Trees by Everglades Farm:

Buying your avocado trees from Everglades Farm is a great choice! Our growers have more than 50 years of combined experience growing trees. We have mother nature on our side supplying our trees with plenty of Florida Sunshine. We also use fertilizers of the highest quality, and of course, we pack and ship every  tree  with a lot of patience and care, so you can receive a high quality tree with every purchase.
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