Katy Apricot Tree Everglades Farm
Katy Apricot Tree, Grafted, 3-4 Feet Tall for Sale from Florida
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Katy Apricot Tree, Grafted, 3-4 Feet Tall for Sale from Florida

Katy Apricot Tree, Grafted, 3-4 Feet Tall for Sale from Florida

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The Katy Apricot Tree, Prunus armeniaca ‘Katy‘, is an early-ripening variety of apricot tree that is well-suited to warmer climates and popular with gardeners all throughout the south.

The fruit generally medium-sized, has a sweet flavor, and is great for making preserves and jams as well as for eating straight off the branch.

The Katy Apricot tree has a harvest date of late May to early June, which means that you could be eating your own homegrown apricots while your neighbors are still waiting for their trees to fruit! Today we’ll be talking about the ultimate early riser — the Katy Apricot tree.

How big is this tree?

The info below are our standard sizes. Subject to change without notice.

 Tree Height*Container Size Box (inches)Months in 
 1-2 feet1 Gallon - 6" tall 6x6x24 6 
 2-3 feet 2 Gallon - 8" tall 9x9x36 6-12
 3 feet3 Gallon - 10" tall 10x10x36 6-12 
 3-4 feet 7 Gallon - 12" tall  12x12x48 12+ 

* Tree height includes the container. Sizes may vary and are subject to change without notice.

How long before this tree can produce fruit?

This depends on the type of tree and the propagation method used to produce the tree. Below is general information regarding the time it takes for your tree to produce fruit.  


They typically produce fruit in 1-2 years. They are copies of matured trees.


They typically produce fruit in 1-2 years. They are copies of matured trees.


They typically produce fruit in 1-2 years. They are copies of matured trees


They typically produce fruit in 6-7 years. There are many exceptions to this rule. For example: Papaya: 1-2 years, Sugar Apple: 1-2 years, Custard Apple: 1-2 years, Soursop: 1-2 years

Do we offer FREE Shipping?

We are currently offering FREE SHIPPING to customers in certain states, with a minimum purchase requirement. Please use our check out to see the shipping options available to you. 

Free shipping IS NOT available for other locations at the moment, as we have recently experience significant increases in labor, shipping and packing costs. 

We have negotiated a deep discounted rate with FedEx ground or FedEx Express. 

For customers in Hawaii and  Alaska and other territories under the control of the United States, but not part of the contiguous United States, the only shipping method available is FedEx Express Service. 

Our trees are shipped in carton boxes. The preferred shipping carrier is: FedEx Home Delivery / Ground / Express

Do we ship our trees to California?

Yes. Our nursery is certifided to ship trees to California. We cannot ship citrus trees to CA, as it is NOT permitted by USDA regulations. 

How do we ship our trees?

We ship our trees using custom-made carton boxes. Our trees typically ship via FedEx ground. Depending on your destination, it can take 2-7 days for your tree to arrive. 99% of the time, the trees arrive alive to their final destination. Our trees are shipped in a container with soil.

Can I grow this tree in a container?

Most fruit trees can be grown in a container.  Follow the recommendations below... 

  1. Start small with a tree in a 3 or 7 gallon container 
  2. Every 6-10 months transplant the tree to a higher capacity container 
  3. The ideal container size to grow fruit trees is 10-15 gallons, so you can move it indoors during the winter months, if necessary 
  4. Make sure your container has draining  holes on the bottom of the container, so that any excess water can drain
How to plant this tree on the ground...

Follow the simple instructions below to plant your tree on the ground... 

  1. Choose a sunny area for planting with about 15 feet radius of clear space 
  2. Dig a hole on the ground... twice the height of the container, if possible 
  3. Do not mix any potting soil, manure, fertilizer or anything with the soil when you plant
  4. Take the tree out of the container by laying in the side and slipping the container off, if may be necessary to push and tap the bottom of the plastic container 
  5. It is usually necessary to put some of the removed dirt back into the hole
  6. Bury the root ball so the soil level is the same as it was in the container 
  7. Leave a mound around the tree for form a basin, fill with water, washing the soil into any empty pockets around the root ball
  8. Now is the time to fertilize. Be extra careful because trees are very susceptible to burning with excessive fertilizing
  9. Recommended fertilizer: 8-3-9 (or similar), with manganese, iron and zinc. Scatter one level tablespoon per foot of tree height (do not apply fertilizer if the tree is flowering or during cold spells of temperature below 60 degrees)
  10. You can spread mulch around the base of the tree, but leave the trunk area uncovered so the tree can breath. Mulch helps to retain humidity
What is the warranty on this tree?

Our warranty only covers the tree arriving alive and in fair condition. If you receive your tree in a condition in which the tree may not survive, please take a few pictures and submit them via email to our address: service@everglades.farm. Please do this within 48 hours or receiving your tree. We will review your email and get back to you within a few days. Remember to Keep the box in case we ask you to ship the plant back to us. Our warranty does not apply once you have planted the tree on the ground. 

Can I get a picture of the tree?

We get a lot of requests for pictures. Unfortunately, we are not able to accommodate this request, as we stock over 10,000 trees in different sizes. Completing the task of sending a picture of a specific tree to a customer can take 1-2 hours per request. And this same tree can be sold the very same day to another customer. Fortunately, our web site has pictures of most of our trees, which are remarkably like the actual tree that you will receive.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Julia C
Disappointed after many successful purchases

I have ordered about 30 trees from Everglades and been pleasantly surprised how nice they were and how fast many of them fruited. I have given them glowing recommendations to friends and family. I received my last order which included my apricot tree and I was so disappointed. It looked awful, all of the leaves had major insect bites and quite a few leaves were barley there because of it. Overall the tree looked pitiful, like they just needed to move it. Planted it and hope for the best. My avocado trees that came with that order looked great.

Alex Boschuk
Alex B.

Not bad tree condition but I saw a lot of signs that tree have fungal disease: dried live's edges, blue spots of dordeaux antifungal suspension. I d'recommend to use trichoderma for soil and different antifungal chemicals for above soil tree parts.


My order arrived in about 4 days after I ordered it. The Apricot tree arrived very healthy and the trunk looked like it was at least a 3 year old tree. I was happy! The tree did not loose one leaf! She's been in the ground for at least 3 weeks now and I see new growth already! This is a Great nursery!

Eduardo & Maggie
Katy Apricot tree

The tree is doing very well. No worms seen so far and we are waiting to get its roots stronger in the pot to plant it as recommended by Noé.