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Mammee Apple Tree Grafted

Mammee Apple Tree Grafted

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Mammee apple is typically the size of a softball, and they have the flavor of an apricot. The outer skin is brown, leathery, and similar to that of mamey. The pulp surrounds one to two large seeds, and it must be cut free from both the seed and skin. It has the texture of cantaloupe, and are best eaten fresh out of hand. 

This is grafted tree. It is a clone a fruit-producing tree.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Jonas mileon
Mammee Apple tree

The package came fast and the tree came healthy I like this company I will buy again

Kristina VandenBerg
mammee apple surviving well

need more information on how the tree seedling should be cared for - and if there are insects to look out for in florida

Judith Johnson
Not sure

Welllllll the new growth on the tree suffered in the shipping process. That said, it would have been beautiful but I am going to have to cut the top off and don’t want to lose the tree. So wish me luck.

Johnny Archer
Mammee fruit tree

Tree came as advertised but a bit pricey.

Trong Diep
Tree Arrived on Time and was in Excellent Conditon

Arrived On Time, Tree was Healthy and was ready to be planted